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Kicking off 2022 in Games
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:47am 16/03/11 | 11 Comments
Ever had your muso buddies rag on you because you're better at Guitar Hero or Rock Band than they are; because they can't play with the guitar peripheral and it's five-odd buttons? Well, now they can actually join in on the fun with no excuses, because Ubisoft have revealed Rocksmith, a guitar music game that actually uses a real guitar, all you need is a quarter-inch input jack.

"Rocksmith is the most authentic and addicting music game ever created," said Ubisoft's Tony Key via press release. "Whether a beginner or a seasoned guitar vet, players progress at their own speed and walk away from the game with the ability to play songs by memory. Rocksmith is the only videogame that gets players stage ready."

The game will apparently adjust to the player's skill level, and features an intuitive interface that allows for easy navigation and proper skill progression.

No other major details were revealed about the new title, only that we'd hear tracks from the likes of The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Interpol, The Animals and more. There's also no specific release date, only "2011", so stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Update: Several trailers for the game are now available. The debut trailer introduces the basic product overview while three lifestyle videos describe the various methods of play to suit a beginner, a gamer or a musician.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:13pm 16/3/11
This is a great concept, hope it comes through with the goods.
Posted 12:20pm 16/3/11
Nice one, was waiting for them to do this.
Posted 12:22pm 16/3/11
I must be dyslexic, i read the thread as "Blacksmith"
Posted 12:29pm 16/3/11

There's a facebook page which has some vids not really of the games but:

Posted 12:32pm 16/3/11
apparently Ubisoft didn't get the memo that guitar games are dead and buried
Posted 02:50pm 16/3/11
hopefully your guitars wont need to be connected to the net all the time to be able to play.
Posted 02:59pm 16/3/11
Posted 02:59pm 16/3/11
yesssss retards need more skill abstraction to bring them closer to actually learning an instrument

i think the problem is more to do with the licensing of the music to use on these things, not however you happen to play with it

you get sick of banging on to metallica or some old heavy rockers cashing in pretty quickly
Posted 04:22pm 16/3/11
I tried to write some software a few years back to calulate what chords were being played and do a real life guitar hero, proved to be rather difficult....
Posted 04:31pm 16/3/11
So wait, the difference between this and just playing a guitar is that you sit in front of your TV while some bad animations and condescending commentary distract you from playing actual music?
The GuVna
Posted 12:50am 17/3/11
I find amazing that the controller can connect to an Xbox 360 without the 360-button
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