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Post by Dan @ 10:38am 16/03/11 | 11 Comments
Bethesda and Splash Damage have released another new gameplay trailer from their hotly anticipated upcoming shooter Brink. This latest clip is titled "A Matter of Class" and focuses on the game's objective-based gameplay with the various player-classes and how they work together on the battlefield.

Also revealed in the video are scenes from the Security Tower map and several other Ark districts that were playable in the demo that Splash Damage showed off at the PAX East 2011 event last weekend in Boston.

Check it out below or click here for the HD option.

Brink is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 19th 2011.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:48am 16/3/11
Looks good, looking forward to May
Posted 01:27pm 16/3/11
Hmmm, that was definitely the least impressive trailer I've seen of this game. Didn't do themselves any favours in my eyes.
Posted 02:19pm 16/3/11
comparing this trailer to the much earlier one of the teamplay elements, this one probably wasnt as good at getting you hyped about it. maybe it's because of the music, maybe its because of the way it's edited, who knows?

this style of trailer is much like bad machinima and doesn't do the marketing any good

couple of the good developer interviews make it better

and this one is a really good sell (cannno find embed)
Posted 06:44pm 16/3/11
lol you can disguise yourself..... tf2?
Posted 06:47pm 16/3/11
Posted 07:24pm 16/3/11
I don't think disguising was just a TF2 thing. It's been done way before. Looks good, can't wait for it. Got this and BF3, man oh man.
Posted 07:47pm 16/3/11
lol you can disguise yourself..... tf2?
Brink is a progression of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which was a progression of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which was the first commercial game by guys from the team that made the Quake 3 Fortress Mod for Quake 3 all of which had a class that could disguise themselves as a member of the enemy team.

Q3F also pre-dated the release of TF2, though both are obviously based on the original Team Fortress mod for Quake.
Posted 07:54pm 16/3/11
needs some females versions of the classes.
Posted 10:52pm 16/3/11
If the multiplayer is like ET:QW then sign me up! Such an underrated game and the multiplayer was f*****g awesome.
Posted 11:23pm 16/3/11
The outdoor environment reminded me of Syndicate
Posted 12:20pm 19/3/11
Been looking forward to this (loved Quake Wars).
I'm beginning to worry about the customization making it hard to tell Security from Rebels though.
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