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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:17pm 09/03/11 | 12 Comments
We were lucky enough to be out at Valve just over a week ago, and while I went on a massive hunt for the Half-Life 2: Episode 3 team, they tricked me and I fell into a portal landing in, you guessed it, the Portal 2 room.

Suffice to say, like all Valve products, I just couldn't say no and got down and dirty with the game.

After that, I also had a chance to chat to Jeep Barnett who served as a programmer on the game, but he was also part of the original team who worked on the Portal idea before it was even picked up by Valve, so the guy knows a thing or two about portals.

Moral of the story is, click here to check out my interview with him, and as usual we've served it up as an embedded videa atop a full transcript with a HD streaming option. Damn we're good to you people.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:28pm 09/3/11
woop there it is
Posted 01:20pm 09/3/11
Did I read somewhere that if you buy the PS3 version you can activate it on PC as well? Would be sweet if you could co-op with one account ps3/pc.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:51pm 09/3/11
ctd, I'm almost 100% positive that's how it works from memory of my post-interview discussion with Jeep
Posted 02:29pm 09/3/11
Sweet interview Steve, really hanging out for this one for my PC ^^
Posted 02:33pm 09/3/11
will be interesting to see if cloud steam game saves save progress that's playable from both the ps3 and pc platforms seamlessly

ign said the ps3 copies get a pc activation after psn <-> steam account linking

Posted 02:34pm 09/3/11
Another great video interview, cheers Steve.
Posted 02:36pm 09/3/11
Yeah, buying the ps3 version will give you an activation key for the PC version, and ps3 and pc will also have cross-platform play.
trillion, pretty sure I read that you'll be able to start on the ps3/pc and finish on the pc/ps3 if you wanted to.
Posted 02:55pm 09/3/11
will be interesting to see if cloud steam game saves save progress that's playable from both the ps3 and pc platforms seamlessly

im pretty sure i can remember reading that it will work like that.

last edited by ravn0s at 14:55:42 09/Mar/11
Posted 03:09pm 09/3/11
yeah righto, it probably works like that between pc and mac right now, ps3 isnt too far abstracted to not
Posted 04:19pm 09/3/11
I'm afraid that PS3 Save games will NOT be compatible with PC/MAC out of the box.

“We’re using the cloud so that you can save to Steam from your PS3, but we’re not involved enough to say that you can pick up your progress on the PC using your PS3 save – we ran out of time.

“It’s achievable, but it’s hard, so next time!”

Posted 04:26pm 09/3/11
well that sucks. guess they can always include it in a future update though
Posted 07:13pm 09/3/11
Hmmm bit disappointed that all 3 versions will be pretty much the same (apart from controls).

Kinda wanted to hear "the PC version will look much better"...
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