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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:00pm 07/03/11 | 3 Comments
Syndey will play host as one of only 10 locations around the world to the FIFA Interactive World Cup qualifiers in April, in the lead up to the world's largest videogame tournament.
The Event will evolve over four days – with Heats taking place at Castle Hill RSL (Thursday April 7), Club Marconi (Friday April 8), Dee Why RSL Club (Saturday April 9) and Rooty Hill RSL (Sunday April 10). These Heats will be a series of Knockout Rounds with the top 8 players from each proceeding through to the Final. Playoff at the grand final, commencing with 32 players, will end with only 1 winner who will go through to the Global Grand Final and play for US$20,000 in addition to the title!
The qualifier final will take place on April 10 at Rooty Hill RSL, according to a statement.

If you want to sign up to participate, hit this link, you can, however, attempt to get in on it on the day with a "walk-up position".

Let us know if you're going to try and claim FIFA glory in the Comments below.

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Latest Comments
Beau Gan
Posted 05:41pm 07/3/11
Why are all the heats taking place in such derro areas?
Posted 06:11pm 07/3/11
Castle hill is not too bad... Bella vista and Norwest nearby... Heaps of rich pricks there
Posted 11:45pm 07/3/11
Why would they only have this in "10 different locations around the world" and still call it a world cup? Sydney isn't exactly a few minutes down the road from Melbourne or a 10 minute swim from NZ. Last time some Seppo made a special trip to Sydney to take on weaker competition and made the finals, doesn't seem like fair play.
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