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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:16pm 07/03/11 | 9 Comments
As part of a massive public campaign for their forthcoming shooter, Homefront, this week THQ let loose 10,000 Luftbaloons, all red, in San Francisco. Unfortunately due to the dreary weather synonymous with the city, the balloons were weighed down and landed in the San Francisco Bay not too long after being released.

Environmentalists quickly responded, condemning the stunt, though THQ claimed the balloons were completely biodegradable.

"They start the process of biodegrading as soon as they're blown up with the helium," a spokesperson told Cnet. "There should not be any environmental concerns."

Environmentalists weren't sated with that, though, pointing out that there was an immediate issue with marine wildlife before the balloons fully degraded. Making matters worse for the publisher, the balloons were branded with the Gamestop name but the retail giant refused to acknowledge they had anything to do with it, leaving the mess entirely in THQ's hands, thankfully they immediately hired a clean-up crew.

Homefront is due out next week on March 17.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:21pm 07/3/11
Cave Boy
Posted 04:23pm 07/3/11
I guess the publicty stunt did work:)

To bad for the wildlife choking to death right now...
Posted 04:34pm 07/3/11
I guess the publicity stunt did work:)

Posted 05:56pm 07/3/11
i have got it pre-ordered :p
Posted 07:45pm 07/3/11
AHAHAHAHA, suck s***.
Posted 10:11am 08/3/11
I'm sure the wildlife will get over it
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:32am 08/3/11

When good times go bad
Posted 10:50am 08/3/11
I'm sure the wildlife will get over it

or start playing whatever this game-i-never-heard-of-before-today is
Posted 03:24pm 08/3/11
You missed the 5000 previews that ausgamers has done?
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