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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:31pm 07/03/11 | 6 Comments
In the realm of the console vs PC, no other genre polarises the argument more than simulation. Especially the aerial kind.

It's arguable. that there really is no argument; the PC is simply the best platform for the genre through superior controls and more interface options. This hasn't stopped the genre's sneaky prance through the console world, and as NachosJustice points out, said sneakiness actually does have some value.

So whether you're a flight-sim fan or not, Apache: Air Assault does a bang-up job opening the genre, and this game in particular, to a new audience.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:37pm 07/3/11
This is the same guys from Wings of Prey. It has a pretty nice graphics engine. I'm willing to give this a go and see if it brings back the Comanche fun times.
Posted 03:30pm 07/3/11
I'm not phased about the multiplayer so I'll definitely give it a go.
Posted 03:40pm 07/3/11
Can you do co-op but on seperate machines?
Posted 12:46am 08/3/11
Am I confusing this with Apache Air Assault released late 2010?? Or is the March 2011 release date an Oz thing?
Posted 05:17pm 08/3/11
@ Pirroh - You can do co-op on separate machines but, as far as I could tell, it was only for those flying in separate choppers; not with one player controlling piloting and the other controlling the gun.

@ eagle13 - That was the US release of the same game.
Posted 05:22pm 08/3/11
Well that sucks.
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