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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:21pm 07/03/11 | 13 Comments
If you're going to make an over-the-top shooter that fills its corridors with dick and fart jokes, you need a reviewer like ko-zee-ii on your team, so we gave him Bulletstorm for review purposes, to see if its touted let-loose attitude and unapologetic violence made the grade.

There's been more than enough publicity around the game, thanks to the aforementioned components, but all the publicity in the world can't drive a game's fun, and so ko-zee-ii gives the full critical grade to People Can Fly's "Duke Beater". Does it live up to the hype?

Click here for the full review to find out.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:51pm 07/3/11
Honestly, this is the finest FPS single player game ive played in years. It has a serious sam feel about it but not as repetitive. I finished and i am playing single player again.
Posted 02:51pm 07/3/11
I just finished the game and i loved it. It defiantly aint your traditional shooter and the the story line is crusty as hell but thats what made it awesome.The action hero dosnt hide behind cover he runs in head first and takes s*** out with a excessive fire power and amazing skill. Realistic .. hell no. Fun ohh yeah! Only gripe i had was with climbing over barriers always had to stop and find the sweet spot. And lack of splitscreen and systemlink on 360 sucks. Hopefully they will fix this if they make a sequel.
Posted 02:54pm 07/3/11
cold calculating CPU loyal to his senior officer Sarrano
Huh? He only wanted Sarrano alive so he could leave the planet.
Posted 02:55pm 07/3/11
Yeah, this is awesome fun, was playing some multiplayer with my brother last weekend and that was awesome fun too. I just wish you could co-op through the single player campaign :(
Posted 02:55pm 07/3/11
The only thing I didn't like about Bulletstorm was that it carried through the art style of Egyptian ancient relic / Eastern influenced iconography that can be seen more clearly exampled in the various UDK demos and examples. Probably because a lot of this art is made by artists that are from that part of the world and that's just how their art style is. But the sand weathered shininess does lend itself well to the griminess of the UE3 engine
Posted 09:31am 08/3/11
Finished it, loved it but there were two things that bothered me slightly:

1) No jump, I mean seriously, why can't you jump?

2) it's just so damn linear, I really didn't get a sense of free will as I did with something like say Red Faction or something like that.

Other than those small points though it was an assload of fun and I never got bored of the voodoo skill shot :p
Posted 07:54pm 10/3/11
Good fun but doubt its worth a second play through bit repetitive.

I wouldn't care about ports if they made the pc version feel like a pc version, in my opinion jump and quicksave for one are simple must have they could add.

I tend to agree with most the review at gamerdood
Posted 08:03pm 10/3/11
1) No jump, I mean seriously, why can't you jump?

Omfgwtf. Goddam console retards...
Posted 08:04pm 10/3/11
1) No jump, I mean seriously, why can't you jump?

Omfgwtf. Goddam console retards...

Its like removing lean from COD.
Posted 06:17pm 18/3/11
Just played through.

That was f*****g AWESOME.
Big huge levels, zany guns, powerups, destroying piles of enemies.

Stupid text like;
"Suck the tears off my d**k you ugly motherf***er!"
"Hold your d**k for a second you fungal d**kwad!"
"Got myself a scotch and violently fiddlin' with my balls in anticipation of your arrival."

And even a Charles Darwin reference, and the closing like of the game is "God is DEAD"

Full of win.
Posted 06:33pm 18/3/11
Played it. Enjoyed it. Laughed at some of the skill shots. Shoot a guy in the head with a drill after kicking him towards a wall and stuck him there spinning around. Shot a guy in the arse with an explosive sniper round then blow him and three of his mates up. Tried some of the anarchy mode solo and easily got far more points then they wanted. Just ridiculous over the top action.

I want a sequel.
Posted 06:52pm 18/3/11
The end was setup for a sequel. :D
Posted 06:59pm 18/3/11
I know but I want it now ... hmm Maybe DLC that shows off stuff before the start of the game and maybe DLC that shows different troops doing other stuff on the planet during all the crap Greyson is up too.
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