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Post by Dan @ 03:38pm 04/03/11 | 11 Comments
With the hype generated by that CG trailer, Techland have some serious work cut out for them in order to live up to expectations, so it's going to be very interesting to see how Dead Island eventually pans out.

Fresh out of GDC 2011, we have seven new in-game screenshots featurinig many more zombies in paradise so click through to our Dead Island game page for a closer look.

dead islandscreenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:57pm 04/3/11
It really reminds me of Farcry. Not a fan of zombie games but it looks pretty cool
Posted 05:01pm 04/3/11
"...Techland have some series work cut out..." I think you mean serious work :P

Looking good, can't wait for a gameplay trailer.
Posted 05:03pm 04/3/11

pretty sure you meant hype ;)
Posted 06:25pm 04/3/11
heh, thanks guys!
Posted 10:25pm 04/3/11
BANNED in Australia - lol maybe not, but we'll see ;p
Posted 10:52pm 04/3/11
Am I the only one who thinks the fifth picture kind of looks like a zombie Charlie Sheen?
Posted 10:58pm 04/3/11
looks a tad too shiny/plasticy. Need to remove this to look gritty without the shine.
Posted 10:51am 05/3/11
I was reading a preview of this over at wired.com

Apparently its first person and pretty boring.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 11:17am 05/3/11
Am I the only one who thinks the fifth picture kind of looks like a zombie Charlie Sheen?

Yes, yes you are
Posted 01:35pm 08/3/11
Of course it will banned here. The precedent has already been set with Left 4 Dead and Mortal Kombat.
Hard luck Australian retailers. :(
Posted 02:54pm 08/3/11
they can ban all they like, we'll still get it lol
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