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Post by Dan @ 03:05pm 02/03/11 | 2 Comments
Movie news site variety are reporting that Screen Gems -- the production company behind the Resident Evil films -- have landed the movie rights to Devil May Cry, another of Capcom's long running Japanese videogame franchises.
Screen Gems' "Resident Evil" franchise became a global B.O. hit for the genre label, with more than $580 million in worldwide grosses collectively. "Devil" represents the next potential vidgame franchise adaptation for Screen Gems. There have been five games in the series since, with the latest, produced by Ninja Theory as a reboot, featuring a younger version of the Dante character.
There's no indication as to where in the game's chronology the film will take place, nor whether it's expected to even follow the game series' narrative at all (a point the Resi Evil films failed miserably at) but they have revealed that writer Kyle Ward -- who's also working on the Kane and Lynch adaptation -- has been tasked with the script.

DMC's Dante and Trish can both most recently be found as playable characters in the recently released fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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Posted 03:18pm 02/3/11
DMC has enough content to make an movie adaption that didnt need to follow the games yet still be good (like resident evil IMO)

I look forward to the results.
Posted 03:46pm 02/3/11
Does Devil May Cry even have a coherent narrative to follow? DMC4 just confused me, its like theres demons attacking, and theres an annoying emo version Dante with a devil arm and the real Dante kills the pope but then the pope isn't really dead cos he got ressurected by demons, then he turns into a giant robot super pope and uses an innocent girl to fuel his giant robot super pope demon cyborg. That was about as far as I got though, I never finished it.
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