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Post by Dan @ 02:35pm 01/03/11 | 55 Comments
EA have reminded us that their promised multiplayer demo for Crysis 2 is imminent, with both PC and Xbox 360 offerings on track for the scheduled release at 1 minute past midnight March 1st Pacific Standard Time. The time difference puts this one at at 7:01pm Sydney time tonight -- a nice change from the usual early-morning hours these things usually launch for those of us down under.

Here's what to expect:
All versions of the new demo will include two maps, “Skyline” and “Pier 17”, as well as two modes “Team Instant Action” and “Crash Site”. Crysis 2 multiplayer will include six intense, action-fueled gameplay modes: Instant Action, Team Instant Action, Crash Site, Capture the Relay, Extraction and Assault, set across 12 maps in Crytek’s visually stunning recreation of the Big Apple. Players will advance through a deep progression system of 50 levels, earning a variety of upgrades along the way for weaponry and the Nanosuit itself, rewarding long-term players with tactical advantages that increase their speed, strength and stealth abilities even more.
Bitter PC gamers will no doubt recall that a multiplayer Crysis 2 demo was already released on Xbox 360 only a few weeks back (and expired shortly after), however that one is now being referred to as an "early preview" and Crytek claim to have taken player feedback from that "to help improve the experience even more". Sorry PlayStation 3 owners, your demo is still earmarked as "coming soon".

Check out the trailer below for the demo briefing (same content as the early Xbox 360 demo), or click here for the HD video option. More info is available on the game's official site.

AusGamers can also confirm that there will be local Australian-hosted dedicated servers available at launch for the PC demo (at 7:01pm tonight ADST) . Download the PC demo installer right here from AusGamers.

Crysis 2 is due in stores on March 24th 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

crysis 2democrytekpcxbox 360
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:37pm 01/3/11
Is there dedicated servers and whats the max players per server?
Posted 02:50pm 01/3/11
Pretty sure (but not 100%) that both maps are geared for 6v6 but the full game will support more. As I mentioned in the OP, PC demo will have local dedicated servers. I can't speak for the Xbox version at all, but my guess would be player-hosted servers with a matchmaking system.
Posted 02:54pm 01/3/11
"this guy obviously likes to play as a noob"

shut up u american wanker!

looks alright i spose, is it going to be as big a system hog like crysis 1 was?
Posted 03:28pm 01/3/11
Will the demo include full DX10/11 graphics and settings?
Posted 03:40pm 01/3/11
Isn't it already out? I've seen people already discussing it.
Posted 03:41pm 01/3/11
DX9 only Kf.
Posted 03:50pm 01/3/11
Yes the demo installer has been leaked (no idea why they don't just pull that file from their cdn), but we would appreciate if you guys don't post direct links here until tonight. If you can't wait ust google it.
Posted 04:00pm 01/3/11
yes it's out seen on several site...3FL,Games on net to name a few
Posted 04:12pm 01/3/11
So it is. Thanks for the heads up. I checked back over some emails and there doesn't actually seem to be an embargo on when we can share this around, that's what you get for being over-cautious I suppose.

Anywhere, here's our local download link for the Crysis 2 PC Multiplayer demo (1.56 GB)
Posted 04:18pm 01/3/11
Downloading now, hopefully some local servers up already!.
Posted 04:57pm 01/3/11
was told have 15 servers up
Posted 05:28pm 01/3/11
Downloading. I hate 6 v 6 because everyone can see how bad I am. Much easier to hide in 32 v 32.
Posted 07:03pm 01/3/11
Just gave this a go but the local servers were full so i was playing with a ping of 500. It was actually pretty fun, but i would imagine it would be even more fun with a low ping. Runs pretty well at max settings although i'd like to know how much AA is being forced :P.
Posted 07:06pm 01/3/11
How did you make an account!!!!
Posted 07:12pm 01/3/11
WTH i cant find it on xbox360 marketplace????
Posted 07:18pm 01/3/11

How did you make an account!!!!
I had some problems at first with it just idling on the "creating account" screen, but i just rebooted the game and it worked second time around.
Posted 08:00pm 01/3/11
I can't create an account either.
Posted 08:06pm 01/3/11
Add me to that list too. Been trying to create an account for over half an hour and I'm ready to just give up.
Posted 08:33pm 01/3/11
I've already uninstalled it.
Posted 08:41pm 01/3/11

Naa I think I'll try again later tonight, hopefully less people will be on it at that stage.

Bear in mind this is probably more an issue with their web servers rather that an issue with the game itself.
Posted 08:55pm 01/3/11
I can't see it in the xbox marketplace either...
Posted 09:03pm 01/3/11
To the Xbox peeps, here's the official press release for this iteration of the demo. It does only say "March 1st" here, so I can only assume that the midnight PST launch only referred to the PC specifically.

Xbox demos have that whole Microsoft approval process to go through, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's just going through the motions there somewhere still. Actually, I would be even less surprised if it was available on the US XBLA now but not the Australian one yet for that same reason.
Posted 09:04pm 01/3/11
Wait, I found it.

For those wondering it's in Game Marketplace>A-Z>Crysis 2>Extras (Click 'All Extras)>Top Downloads (Might be down the bottom)
Posted 09:59pm 01/3/11
It's on the main demo page now.
Posted 10:32pm 01/3/11
Yeah, just fired it up, struggling to make an account here too.

I alt + tabbed and allowed the network traffic through firewall, but nada. Just restarted the game, doesn't seem to have helped. *shrug*

I'm a bees d*** away from uninstall.
Posted 10:49pm 01/3/11
yea i cant create account either tryed everything and now thinking tht this game is another f**** console port, f** it im done alreasy with crysis 2
Posted 11:00pm 01/3/11
well it is a demo, so they might be testing the account management system for when the full game is released. as you can see, they're having issues.
Posted 11:04pm 01/3/11
A demo is a demonstration of the final product, not a test of the system. They have demonstrated being retarded at sign in processes. Its a demo, why even need to sign in, sigh.
Posted 01:55am 02/3/11
"Press Start to Continue"

Did they ever say this wasn't a console port?
Posted 03:18am 02/3/11
f*** me this game blows.
As with the first, It's a beautifully rendered piece of s***.
Posted 03:56am 02/3/11
Ahh well that's a damn shame, another console port. And it had to be the sequel to one of the best games ever made (well thats my opinion) why make a game on a pc for a console then port the game back to pc, im sure they have a reason but i'll never get my head around it.
Posted 04:50am 02/3/11
Downloads saved, score.
Posted 08:12am 02/3/11
I got the account started on the third attempt. if you fail you seem to need to use another email account. fortunately i have 3 and succeeded on 3rd attempt
first unlock came in first game.
not convinced yet of merit.
i did like crysis 1 single player, but got it too late for multiplayer, servers were dead.
i like nanosuit
Posted 08:30am 02/3/11
Sweet. Sounds promising from all the replies. Glad I downloaded it.
Posted 08:31am 02/3/11
I gave up on trying to make an account, wasted half an hour or so. Uninstalled .
Posted 09:38am 02/3/11
Wish you guys could upload it to nzbmatrix or something, it's a pain in the ass downloading at 100 kb/s when I'm on a 30 mb connection
Posted 03:12pm 02/3/11
Here is another reason not to buy this s*** (if you needed another one). Apparently the game will not release with DX10/11.
Posted 03:45pm 02/3/11
lulz. Crytek just joined Rebellion on my list of never again.
Posted 08:51pm 02/3/11
This is f***ed.

Telling my I can't use my nickname requires more than 3 characters since it is. So i sign into gamespy and update it to even longer still no go.

I then tried to create a new account with different email and it said that username is already taken try another so I obviously did now it's saying that email account has already been used! But it hasn't it wouldn't f***** create the account for me!

f***** bulls*** f*** f*** f***
Posted 09:59pm 02/3/11
just fired up the game again to try and create an account and it went through straight away.

edit: cant find any aussie servers and it rapes my internet connection when looking for server :/

last edited by ravn0s at 21:59:23 02/Mar/11
Posted 10:16pm 02/3/11
For anyone who cbf creating a proper account or if you are still having trouble creating it, just make up a bs account. Keep it to just lowercase letters and same goes for password and email.

i created a really simple account similar to:
user: hello
pass: hello

no verification needed and it worked straight away.

Nice work around until they get their s*** sorted.
Posted 11:10pm 02/3/11
I'm surprised how well it runs on harcore (assuming that's the highest level) and running at 1920x1200 with vsync off at least tho.

Posted 11:14pm 02/3/11
Not a massive fan. Definitely a console port. I couldn't get used to the mouse and I hate games where you have to shoot dudes a billion times before they die. I prefer a bit more realism I guess.

The cloak/armor/whatever thing is pretty cool and the grenades are short fuses and hard-hitting which is nice.

I'll give it another bash, but so far not a game I would buy.
Posted 11:29pm 02/3/11
Yeah can't say i'll buy this game either. I felt like i was playing under water. Demo was still fun but wasn't enough to reel me in.

I'd rather play Killzone 3 but that's lame ass PS3 exclusive.
Posted 11:28pm 02/3/11
Not a massive fan. Definitely a console port. I couldn't get used to the mouse and I hate games where you have to shoot dudes a billion times before they die. I prefer a bit more realism I guess.

The cloak/armor/whatever thing is pretty cool and the grenades are short fuses and hard-hitting which is nice.

I'll give it another bash, but so far not a game I would buy.

Pretty much precisely this.
Posted 09:17am 03/3/11
it wasnt too bad. might buy it when its on sale for $10 on steam.
Posted 02:38pm 03/3/11
What a piece of s***, I spent nearly my entire lunchbreak trying to log in, using old EA and Gamespy logins, no dice.

Even tried creating a new account with my work email but apparently it's already been used to create an account?! WTF

rage quit
Posted 08:37pm 03/3/11
you don't need legit details, there's no verification.

I actually rate this game. To my own surprise. It's not bad.
I first had the graphics set to "Hardcore". Looks pretty and all but I couldn't see s***.
Switched over to "Gamer", wauuu everything is so clear.

I love f*****s running at me with stealth.
Nano vision usar!

Holographic decoy is always good for a laugh. :)
Posted 09:43pm 03/3/11
My God, I had issues earlier like everyone else, gave it 2 days went to try it just then.

Created my account, yay then got, 'could not connect to multiplayer, please check your network and try again later'

Awesome demo guys, I was already put off by the 'press start to continue'...

Posted 09:47pm 03/3/11
'could not connect to multiplayer, please check your network and try again later'

Yeah I got that too a couple hours ago. really cbf anymore.
Posted 10:17pm 03/3/11
yeah i got that before aswell... f*** it
Posted 10:44pm 03/3/11
No doubt they will blame piracy again for s*** sales.
Posted 12:33am 04/3/11
Mmmmmk I finally got the demo through steam. Loaded a profile first try and got into the first server I tried. Pretty fun game tbh. Probably not enough to buy cause there is already enough level upsy style shooters.

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