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Post by Dan @ 04:59pm 28/02/11 | 6 Comments
During his recent whirlwind trip to the UK where he had some game time in The Witcher 2, Steve also got some hands-on action with another game on 2011's most-anticipated list: Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex: Human Revolution.From the perspective of an unrestricted three-hour play session from the game's intro onward you can now find out everything he did (sans anything particularly spoilerish) in this in-depth preview.
For the die-hard Deus Ex fans, it’s looking very good. For everyone else wondering what all the fuss is about, put on your challenge caps because Call of Duty this ain’t; it’s a thinking person’s shooter and a damn impressive one at that.
Read on for the goods.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:16pm 28/2/11
into the world Square Enix Montreal have crafted.

Just a curiosity - I thought that Thief 4 (and by extension DE:HR) were being developed by Eidos Montreal, with the cinematics being done by Square Enix?
Posted 05:24pm 28/2/11
yer even though se owns eidos now, they're still called eidos montreal afaik.

this game looks so bloody awesome, but i think im still going to be busy playing da2, ac:b and portal 2 when its finally released :(
Posted 05:27pm 28/2/11
I'm moderately excited. They don't have to make a perfect game, just a good game, and it looks like they're being respectful to their acquired IPs. :)

I also only read the first sentence of most paragraphs and skimread the rest, so got the impression that things aren't finished yet but it is otherwise quite cool. I have a thing for cool games, just between me and every single person on the internet.
Posted 11:29pm 28/2/11
3 hours from intro onward... these days you could expect that to be the entire game.
Posted 08:11am 01/3/11
So, it appears as though it was only a console version played here, going from the controller issue comments. Wondering if this is a game issue or a console issue. If it is a game issue, then it obviously could use some tweaking, as freedom of movement needs to be key.

And please Squenix: Do not f&*k this up like you did with the other awesome IP you purchased.
Posted 09:10am 01/3/11
beginnings humble from
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