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Post by Dan @ 10:39am 23/02/11 | 22 Comments
As promised BioWare and EA have released a playable demo for the hotly anticipated RPG Dragon Age 2, and bucking the recent trend of platform-exclusive samplers, the demo is now available for download on all three platforms: PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
In the demo, players will venture through the game’s prologue, choosing from three different character classes. They’ll also learn more about Hawke and hone their skills and abilities that will make them the ultimate hero. After finishing the prologue, players will enter a key new location in the world of Dragon Age, Kirkwall, befriending Isabela, a romantic interest in the game who is also a deadly smuggler. Upon completion of the demo, players will unlock a special weapon, Hayder’s Razor, an ancient dwarven blade which increases health, mana, and combat abilities, in the full release of Dragon Age II.
The PC offering can now be found locally right here (1.88GB) in the AusGamers files library.

Dragon Age 2 ships for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Australia on March 10th 2011.

dragon age 2demopc
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:49pm 23/2/11
It is a little bit baffling that a company would release a demo of their game, but gimp it so that it no longer provides the best impression of their product. I can sort of understand locking the character creation stuff and maybe the inventory but locking the difficulty to normal (which is absurdly easy) and forcing DX9 and "medium" with no AF or DoF etc seems stupid.

People are complaining about the textures but what can you expect on medium without filtering? - It still looks better than the first game so DA2 should look pretty decentat max settings. The art direction is MILES AND MILES ahead of the first, all the armour and architecture looks much slicker and less like super generic fantasy world. I have seen some people calling the UI horrible but the only people that can think that are sperglords that would rather some peice of s*** visual basic button interface that reminds them of D&D because they have no appreciation of graphic design what so ever.

Combat is fun, you can still micro manage every second of the fight with pause but now you get an immediate effect when you unpause so that you can pause-unpause over and over really quickly and the end result is a much faster fight that feels more real time than animated chess pieces sliding around, but without any dead time between actions.
Posted 05:00pm 23/2/11
I'm going to download this to my sexbox tonight!!!
Posted 05:04pm 23/2/11
Played the demo. Its a decent introduction to DA2 but as qmass said. Needs more options to show how well your computer is going to run the full game.

I'm going to download this to my sexbox tonight!!!

Thats what she said!
Posted 05:13pm 23/2/11
Just played it. Runs nicely, combat seems smooth and fun. Though I really hope it doesn't just turn in to some arcade RPG. I quite liked playing the first one through prior to the easy patch. Had to think through moves and got to take a practical approach.

My only real complaint though is what appears to be their approach to introducing more blood. Making enemies explode for all your shots looks cheap and nasty instead of death animations based on the attack. For instance, in the demo, an arrow on the killing shot makes them explode? Why?

NWN's simple finishing move with an arrow landing dead smack in the face and sending them backwards was far more satisfying than full gibb. (Why do the archers always lose out on fancy weapons and kill shot animations :(

Still can't wait for the full release of this though :) :) :)
Posted 05:51pm 23/2/11
Just finished the demo and i agree with everything QMASS said. I really enjoyed it though and im very excited to play the full game.
Posted 05:57pm 23/2/11
Lookin forward to full version - felt quite arcadey in comparison to DA1, maybe because I played DA1 on PC and this demo on Xbox?
Posted 07:35pm 23/2/11
Looks like its going to be better than I was expecting, I much prefer the Mass Effect style conversations and the well defined character that actually talks and emotes.

Combat seems more fun, Dragon Age combat got sooooooooooooooo boring and so slow with all the pausing, it was like qmass said, felt like a game of chess. I didn't even bother pausing during combat in this one, just ran around as a mage blowing stuff up and it was quite fun.

Graphics are a lot better, presentation is a lot better, and the whole thing has been streamlined a lot, I might actually get it now. Not sure if I should get it on PC or 360 though, the DX11 options are tempting on PC, but it really does seem like a game that would be more suited to 360.
Posted 08:09pm 23/2/11
fun.. but f** i hate all the cutscenes
Posted 08:27pm 23/2/11
I sort of didn't like it. :/

Combat was fancy, but boring (just a series of hawke yelling another wave! until you'd clicked them all to death, hopefully it gets harder). Cutscenes were pretty awkward and seemed to be totally unsynced with the rest of the game, causing tunes and s*** to start then be instantly cut out. Characters all seemed to be some kind of super hero family of shinyness, which... what's there to build upon? Felt very RPG-lite, more like an arcade game.

Presuming the arrival at kirkwall cut a whole heap for the demo, because it didn't make any sense and suddenly I was doing something or other for the pirate chick, at which point I decided I was bored and quit... Hawke also didn't impress or interest me the way Sheppard did, may need to try the female. (does Hawke even have a backstory? what's the deal?)

The dwarf and orlesian chantry chick narrating the story are very cool though, would probably play just for them.

edit: Ok playing as a mage is about a trillion times more fun, and the female Hawke is for some reason feeling less bland. Still suffers from classical bioware "running around a toolset maze" syndrome though, really hoping the old republic doesn't...
Posted 10:27pm 23/2/11
just completed the demo. loving the combat although i found it pretty easy. might have to put the difficulty up a bit in the full game.

graphics look better than origins and should look spectacular on high settings

edit: also you should login to your ea account so that its added to the call of arms promo. if 1 million people play the demo before march 1, they will give everyone 2 items in the full game.

last edited by ravn0s at 22:27:12 23/Feb/11
Posted 11:41pm 23/2/11
Despite my complaints, I do love the character class selector intro. Very Quest for Glory'ish. :D
Posted 12:16am 24/2/11
looks great & i liked the faster feel to the combat
i cranked the gfx settings as much as the demo allows n it still played fine although i did get some video to audio sync problems in the cut scenes :/ yeh should look awesome in the full game :)
Posted 01:27pm 24/2/11
Played it a bit, pretty good but I got a crash twice at the character customize part. I must say though I don't remember the environments being so bland in the first one, I'm hoping this was due them cutting weight for the demo.
Posted 04:13pm 26/2/11
i enjoyed that
Posted 04:40pm 26/2/11
How long does the demo go for? If its over 2-3 hours then I'll jump on, otherwise I'll just wait for release.
Posted 08:43pm 26/2/11
took me 45mins but i skipped all the cutscenes.
Posted 10:24pm 26/2/11
Got to the dwarf part in number 1 by powering through then got bored, Might re-install and hope im near the end ;P
Posted 12:21am 27/2/11
The dwarf part was frikkin huge. Embrace the hugeness or it will destroy you.
Posted 01:05am 27/2/11
Yeah, the dwarf part is what turned me off ever wanting to play the game again, it was such a grind and so boring, I could never play through that section again. The stuff in the city was not bad, but the stuff in the caves was just grindy and s*** and boring.
Posted 01:26pm 27/2/11
Yeah, the dwarf part is what turned me off ever wanting to play the game again, it was such a grind and so boring, I could never play through that section again. The stuff in the city was not bad, but the stuff in the caves was just grindy and s*** and boring.

are you serious? i thought the mage part being stuck in that other fkn world was the worst
Posted 04:34pm 27/2/11
I frikkin loved the other world!
ironic lettuce
Posted 02:32pm 01/3/11
I really enjoyed the demo! They changed the two things that I would have wanted from the first one - the graphics and the dialogue. I've always thought RPGs just go to another level when your character actually talks rather than being a complete mute, and I love the way they do the paraphrasing so he doesn't just repeat what is said on the screen, like in Mass Effect.

The only negative I have is that the rogue doesn't feel very rogue like to me, at least in the demo. He's very much in your face with his talents, and I really like the sneaking aspect of the rogue class. Still, that may change in the full game which I'm definitely buying :)
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