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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:10pm 21/02/11 | 11 Comments
Codemasters seminal reboot of the Operation Flashpoint series in Red River is just around the corner, with the team finishing it up this week. We also had a chance to check it out at their Lower Farm studio in Leamington Spa, England last week and it's looking very, very good. We'll have a full hands-on report in the next few days, but before then you can feast your eyes on a brand-new gameplay trailer with an interesting voice-over from one of the game's four main characters.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River follows four soldiers through a fictional futuristic 'modern warfare' setting that involves insurgents, the Chinese and plenty action.

Watch the trailer embedded below or click here for the HD option.

codemastersgameplay traileroperation flashpoint red river
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:16pm 21/2/11
They need to decide what type of game they want to be cause this isn't a simulation in the same vein that the Arma series is Dragon Rising was horrid experience and complete let down of a game in every department, this looks to follow from that footage of marines standing and firing M249s from the hip with no kick.
Posted 02:23pm 21/2/11
Looks nice but so did DR, expecting mass fail.
Posted 03:10pm 21/2/11
I liked the first Operation Flashpoint but it's multiplayer was a massive failure due to many things, mostly map scale, and I won't hold my breath on this one.
Posted 03:20pm 21/2/11
They have a lot to make up for. I doubt I would be putting my money toward this. I already know that BF3 will give me what I want, so why would I want this one!?
Posted 04:06pm 21/2/11
@reLapse - Lold.
Posted 04:15pm 21/2/11
When they dropped support, after breaking their first Flashpoint game, I'll never buy another codemasters title again. 'Codemasters' (the Irony of their name still makes me laugh) can Eat A C***.
Posted 04:24pm 21/2/11
How did the break the first game?
Posted 08:39pm 21/2/11
They didn't make the 1st game.
Posted 11:08pm 21/2/11
Look up what Project Reality are up to :) as i think itll be closer competition for Codemasters type FPS and its pc only.

Bohemia Interactive Studios coded the first Operation Flashpoint but the name was owned by Codemasters. Since then BIS has brought out ArmA , ArmA 2 etc. besides the full on military sims VBS1 , VBS2. Not for people who dont expect patchs, addons etc.... pc only and quite complicated compared to the cross platform fps games which i enjoy also on a pc for fast paced action.

Posted 09:59am 22/2/11
Codemasters first Flashpoint game - Dragon Rising, I wasnt talking about the REAL Flashoint game, by Bohemia, that rocked.

They Broke it by totally busting Multplayer in a patch (for most of us) and then anounced there werent releasing any more patches. When it was first out multiplayer had bugs but at least you could stay connected to a game. Which is impossible for me after the latest patch.....

Have ARMA and yes it the real continuation of the orginal Flashpoint game, from a technical perspective that is. A real combat sim, unlike Codemasters super fail job.

I'll wait for BF3 :-)
Posted 11:44pm 22/2/11
I'll wait for Arma 3.
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