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Post by Dan @ 06:08pm 11/02/11 | 2 Comments
Thanks to the folks at GameSamba, AusGamers has a batch of keys for the closed beta test of their upcoming MMO Remnant Knights.
Remnant Knights is an anime-inspired MMORPG that breaks the mold of typical online games. RK offers 2 competing schools, an incredibly supportive player control system, awesome and innovative crafting, and player versus player combat that will keep even the most competitive gamer battling for hours. The varied event system launches new events every hour with something for everyone.
If that sounds like something you might be interested in. Head over to our Remnant Knights promo page to nab a key (while stocks last).

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Posted 03:45pm 12/2/11
Sorry but this game is a PoS
Posted 09:58pm 12/2/11
I just spent the last couple of hours playing it, mostly tutorial levels.

S***** Korean MMO style without introducing anything and the framerate is super low despite the horrid 3gen old graphics. There's very little detail (not a problem, though if it ran really well on older machines).

The intro quests are terrible.. Although it's a beta so i can forgive the missing text and smaller problems that clearly have simple fixes. But inheriently it's dull boring and if you've played any of the korean MMO's since Ragnarok, you'll know what to expect.

Introduces a couple of things into the genre, but they're still 5 years old (wow 1st gen) at least. Combat isn't TOO bad, but a lack of classes/master classes is sad. Though there may (or may not be) more in the final release.

These types of games IMO should run like QuakeLive, via a browser and plugin. Allowing easy quick access for anyone, and connecting on that and facebook/any socaial network at the same time.

There were no people when i logged on for the last two hours (yeah i played rather slowly while watching some good old fashioned japanese TV) .

Overall for its korean MMO area, i give it a 6/10, passable if only it and its similar counterparts existed. For a game it gets about a 1/10 because its story is dull (so far) and holds every common element that final fantasy does *Oh no, there are more monsters than usual.. here once you learn to double click, why don't you kill some*. The setting is some pseudo school which is heavily underpopulated and completely irrelevant.

You don't really interact with stuff, you trigger them.

After playing RIFT beta, this is a horrible POS.
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