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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:13pm 09/02/11 | 41 Comments
You know what really grinds my gears... this crap (sorry for the heated intro, but you'll understand after the colon):
Carol Lieberman, a psychologist and book author, told that sexual situations and acts in video games -- highlighted so well in Bulletstorm -- have led to real-world sexual violence.

“The increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of [sexual] scenes in video games,” she said. has jumped onto Bulletstorm, slamming the game's "excess of profanity" and the fact that you can shoot "enemies in the private parts (such as the buttocks)". They call in a number of 'experts' to assess the potential damage to children "as young as 9 playing such games", and more specifically, Bulletstorm, and comedy really does ensue.

"Games without sufficient quality of gameplay - games that include highly objectionable violent or sexual content - often pump up the level of this kind of content to gain media attention," claims Billy Pidgeon, a videogame analyst with M2 Research. "This tactic typically fails, as can be seen in the poor sales performance of titles such as BMX XXX and Postal."

It's a rough read overall, especially given the headline "Is Bulletstorm the Worst Video Game in the World?", but if you want to check it out, hit the Fox News link in the body and prepare to rage-read.

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Posted 05:22pm 09/2/11
If anything this type of attention is just going to give free publicity and drive more Bulletstorm sales with lil 10 year olds looking ever more forward to shooting enemies in the private parts.

Posted 05:24pm 09/2/11
Posted 05:24pm 09/2/11
what the f***?

you can shoot ppl in the buttucks so you will be a rapist?

where the f*** do these retards get off, f*** this idiots and there opinions.
Posted 05:25pm 09/2/11
brb ordering bullestorm. Epic games win, free publicity.
Posted 05:25pm 09/2/11
Just makes you want to go out and rape something really:
Posted 05:25pm 09/2/11
It's Fox News, what were you expecting?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:26pm 09/2/11
I was expecting more god
Posted 05:27pm 09/2/11
Trog shouldn't you be asking:

Posted 05:27pm 09/2/11
"i made a game where you can blow out a mans ass hole." f***en lol right outta no where.
Posted 05:28pm 09/2/11

Nuff said, it's the comedy channel of the news world.

Well I got to go now and sexually abuse my girlfriend, I got a few good bullets in sexual parts in a BF:BC2 session, bbl!
Posted 05:29pm 09/2/11
Leftist will blame fake rape stats pushed by wymmins groups on anything and everything. Every man plays video games and every man is a RAYPAH!!!
Posted 05:32pm 09/2/11
Damn Dan, that video is such a turn on.

Blow it outyar aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass.
Posted 05:35pm 09/2/11
just downloaded the demo, wasnt even going to look at this game twice before
Posted 05:36pm 09/2/11
pc demo??
Posted 05:41pm 09/2/11
the game demo is available to xbox live silver (much better why change it) subs

funniest game ive played since shadow warrior

Posted 05:44pm 09/2/11
Demo was decent and fun but it wasn't anything to get hyped about. So it's not the worst game of all time but it certainly ain't the best (IMO),
Posted 05:57pm 09/2/11
haha flaming a*******
Posted 06:09pm 09/2/11
Ironically the flaming a****** in that video is also the source for FoxNews's content.
Posted 06:12pm 09/2/11
Awww yea, gonna rape me some fiiine b******.
Posted 06:17pm 09/2/11
Everyone knows driving cars make you a rapist.

True fact: Nearly every rapist has driven a car.

Causation and correlation people. Sort the two out.
Posted 06:35pm 09/2/11
Wouldn't it be tricky if this was all made up to increase the profile of bulletstorm?

Considering the game hasn't been released yet and there are plenty of other games that have been out a while that you could actually make conclusions from.
Posted 07:10pm 09/2/11
This is the same news that falls for oh so many Howard Stern pranks.
Posted 07:19pm 09/2/11
Haha, didn't realise you could shoot someone up the arse in this game.

I'm wondering how the hell this animation is expected to pass MA15+ censors?
Posted 07:23pm 09/2/11
It's not. Expect it to get f***ed in the ass. Ho ho ho.
Posted 07:26pm 09/2/11
Sure would like to know how a game that isn't released yet, is already doing harm to children all over the world. Streisand effect much?
Posted 07:28pm 09/2/11
i agree its over the top and around the sides and through the middle on the use of swearing in the voice acting to make the game catch attention, but the level design is top notch and the weapons fit the skill thing well

parents just need to stop outraging and start overlording the parent filter on the console

Posted 07:32pm 09/2/11
I'm not a huge fan of swearing in games TBH. It started getting worse with that GTA san andreas where every 2nd word was f***, n***** or a combination of the 2. I'd like some games to have an optional filter in the audio section where you could disable the stuff.
Posted 07:44pm 09/2/11
"Kill with skill" Haha what a f*****g joke. OH MAN SO COOL YOU CAN SHOOT PEOPLE IN HE ASS AND FIRE COMES OUT OF THEM?!! Looks like it is designed for kids..

Posted 07:45pm 09/2/11
Causation and correlation people. Sort the two out.
That's irrelevant though, the original article doesn't even source an "increase in rapes" so rapes could have dropped for all we know, I mean i'm sure we've all cut down with this economy and all.
Posted 09:44pm 09/2/11
Someone should show him this picture, if he does't get it after that he never will.

Posted 09:56pm 09/2/11
Lithium are you trying to say your taste in games is on a much more mature thematic basis? Give some examples please
Posted 10:02pm 09/2/11
demo in ps3 is a bet meh, as is all fps games on consoles. gay to look around with and aim, and the auto lock on thing is f***** lame.

game is pretty s***, get to kick and grapple guys around... wow!....

get bonus' for combo kills/ shooting them in the balls etc :/ seems like its goin to be a quick-to-finish keep tryin to get a better combo score sort of game.

no f***** way in the world its the worst(most violent/obscene or whatever they rekon) game ever made, leasuire suit larry in the 90's is where its at ;)
Posted 09:06am 10/2/11
i saw an article the other day about playstation gamers being worse drivers irl. they drive as if theyre playing a game or some s***. i lolled
Posted 09:18am 10/2/11
i saw an article the other day about playstation gamers being worse drivers irl. they drive as if theyre playing a game or some s***. i lolled
its probably just more likely that those who make the poor decision to go with ps3 (myself included :< ) are also likely to make poor decisions on the road?
Posted 09:39am 10/2/11
Someone get them a copy of the games produced by Japanese software company Illusion Soft, those games are all about rape!
Posted 09:47am 10/2/11
people still listen to fox news?


isn't that the channel Bill O'Reilly on??!@
Posted 10:08am 10/2/11
^ it sure is.
The guy who's so important he doesn't even need to show respect when speaking to the President of the United States of America:

Posted 10:15am 10/2/11
Games get made, people get raped. It always happens, you can't explain that.
Posted 10:25am 10/2/11
People have been raped throughout history and it is always whatever the latest thing that annoys older people that is the cause of it. Games, rock music, comic books, women getting the vote, no longer allowing people to have slaves, science, you know, stuff that makes baby Jesus cry.
Posted 10:54am 10/2/11
On the one hand cliffyb on, the other hand Foxnews.

If I pirate the game I can piss off both of them. I WIN!
Posted 05:21pm 10/2/11
FoxNews is worse they incite/manipulate paranoia for their own agendas.
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