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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:22pm 09/02/11 | 4 Comments
Sony Computer Entertainment Australia are running a pretty awesome and unique competition. They plan to give you a chance to have your head 3D scanned so as to appear in the forthcoming Resistance 3 out at Insomniac's San Diego studio. You can even bring a friend, apparently.
Not only will you become a part of gaming legend – but you will also win an all-expenses paid trip to San Diego, California where you will join the Resistance 3 development team for a day. Get ready for the cameras – as you are fully 3D head scanned – meaning your every feature will be captured and translated by the Insomniac team to create your battle-ravaged digital twin.

After your survivor grimace has been perfected & captured, meet members of the Resistance 3 development team, and get a look at the game before anyone else. Not only will you become a part of video game history, but your popularity will also rocket as you’ll be bringing a friend along with you to California.
Pretty neat. All you have to do to get into this is hit this link, upload a photo of yourself looking terrified or like you've just survived the craziest battle of your life and explain why you think you're perfect to be immortalised in the game.

Let us know if you decide to enter in the Comments section (and maybe show us your photo, too).

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:27pm 09/2/11
Resisting the typos :)
Posted 04:50pm 09/2/11
Seems like you would need to go to a lot of effort to create a full scene photo.
Posted 06:19pm 09/2/11
Hey sony, since you're going to use my image to make money, I demand a percentage of your profits.
Posted 08:05pm 09/2/11
Damn, where's my knife pic :P
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