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Post by trog @ 10:45am 09/02/11 | 10 Comments
Just after the announcement of the Australian release details for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo have revealed they're doing a roadshow around the country (well, almost) showcasing their next handheld gaming platform in five states.

Check out the full location list for details on how to get your hands on the 3DS to take it for a test spin. The tour kicks off first on February 10th for special showings in Melbourne and Sydney and then follows soon-after elsewhere.

Additionally, Nintendo Australia have released a complete fact-sheet style press release detailing all aspects of the device's Australian launch, which although debuting at a price-point significantly higher than other regions, at least seems to include most of the same 30+ launch-window games.

nintendo 3ds

Latest Comments
Posted 11:23am 09/2/11
No love for south side Brisbane :(
Carindale please not Chermside.
Posted 01:30pm 09/2/11
No love for the bloody Gold Coast is what annoys me. I'm not going to spend an hour train trip to only have 5-10 minutes of play.
Posted 02:05pm 09/2/11
Yes I thought that also. Seriously the Gold Coast is bigger then some capitals now.
Should have been Queen st Mall, Carindale and Surfers somewhere.
Posted 02:14pm 09/2/11
F*** Surfers off dirty hole, Robina would of been better so i got a reason to knock some tweens on the floor, outta my way loosers
Posted 02:32pm 09/2/11
lynx, they probably want to put it in a big shopping center

lol carindale
Posted 02:38pm 09/2/11
No point having it at Surfers, I'm sure the Japanese tourists will have their own road shows when they go back home.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 03:46pm 09/2/11
Thankfully I wasn't reading the press release on my 3DS otherwise it would have run out of battery before I finished it!!
Posted 07:21pm 09/2/11
Haha Tim, ICWUTUDIDTHAR! And also, I agree, not surfers but Robina, it's f*****g massive.
Posted 07:28pm 09/2/11
I love how they claim that you really need to SEE the 3DS for it's effect and then don't offer any sort of road show stop over on the coast. I'll keep my $400+ thanks.
Posted 10:02pm 09/2/11
I was hoping this crappy 3D stuff would die off soon, but guess not.
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