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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:03pm 08/02/11 | 7 Comments
From the bulky arcade cabinets of yesteryear to the Wii, then Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network to the palm of your hand, NBA Jam is going to be able to come with you anywhere now that EA plans to release the game for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Check out the teaser trailer below for your first taste of finger-flickin' on-fireness!

EA have been aggressively behind Apple's portable platforms, so there's no guarantee this will make it to Android or beyond. There's also no word yet on pricing, multiplayer or even when it's due to hit the platforms, but it does look pretty cool. Personally, I think this game would go down a treat in the handheld market - bring on Nintendo 3DS and Sony NGP versions.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:05pm 08/2/11
Damn. Perfect game for the hand-held. I want on android.
Posted 04:10pm 08/2/11
Pfft I had NBA Jam on a handheld years ago

Posted 04:15pm 08/2/11
haha, that takes me back to when i was a kid at the pinnacle of my gaming glory when I owned this:

Posted 04:24pm 08/2/11

haha f*****g hell, i remember a mate of mine had one of these in about year 6 or 7 and holy f*** was he popular
Posted 08:28pm 08/2/11
what in the buttf***?? never seen these b4!?!?
Posted 08:55pm 08/2/11
These were popular in late 80ies early 90ies. I don't think they even have what they call pixels. It's the type of graphics that you see on a calculator or a digital watch (whatever they call that). Good times.
Posted 06:23am 09/2/11
nbajam on your phone looked s***.

im loving it on the wii though;
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