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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:14am 08/02/11 | 19 Comments
Blizzard have announced that BlizzCon 2011 is officially in the works (duh), and will once again be held out at the Anaheim Convention Centre, right next to Disney Land in California, this year on the weekend of October 22nd.

There are no tickets on sale yet, nor any other official word on what we'll actually see there, but given this year's BlizzCon will be the official public celebration of Blizzard's 20th birthday, you can bet there are going to be some seriously big surprises in store.

As usual, make sure you stay tuned to AusGamers for more details as they become available.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:19am 08/2/11

Posted 11:29am 08/2/11
Last blizzcon was yawn++

This one better have some juicy infoz!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:33am 08/2/11
I dunno, getting hands-on with Diablo III was pretty sweet for me ;)
Posted 11:49am 08/2/11
*shakes fist*

I'm sure I can fit into your luggage, Steve.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 11:52am 08/2/11
I will be happy for some more D3 and the next SC2 Expansion.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:57am 08/2/11
20th anniversary and a massive tease last year about their next MMO tells me it will be officially unveiled this year
Posted 12:05pm 08/2/11
MMO will be called StarCraft Universe. You heard it here first.
Posted 12:20pm 08/2/11
MMO will be called StarCraft Universe. You heard it here first.

No we didn't.
Posted 12:34pm 08/2/11
D3 information
SC2 xpac information
New MMO Information
WoW shut down
New Warcraft RTS

Best Blizzcon evar!
Posted 02:10pm 08/2/11
Maybe they'll say something about D3 release date, and probably sc2 expansion. Maybe some info about new mmo. I would like to see the shutdown of WoW though haha!
Posted 02:42pm 08/2/11
D3 informationSC2 xpac informationNew MMO InformationWoW shut downNew Warcraft RTSBest Blizzcon evar!

We will not be seeing a warcraft RTS.. maybe ever again.. but def not this blizzcon :P they're too busy with the expacs for sc2.. and it wouldnt make any sense releasing a new rts that competes against their own sc2. sc2 would just destroy it and itll flop.
Posted 03:07pm 08/2/11
Wishful thinking there :P
Posted 06:26pm 08/2/11
Though, if they shutdown WoW, it would mean my other MMO would be flooded with retards. Not good :S
Posted 06:40pm 08/2/11
Which other MMO is that Eve? I need a new MMO to play on my laptop Rift is looking good.
Posted 06:41pm 08/2/11
Blizz's new mmo should be interesting. Titan is said to be an FPS which they have never done before but i'm sure they could pull it off.
Posted 06:44pm 08/2/11
Great, now people can get excited for a convention in OCTOBER!....................................
Posted 12:50pm 09/2/11
MoS, I'm currently playing the Rift Beta, definitely my new MMO.
Posted 03:35pm 09/2/11
Will the goodies bags they hand out at BlizzCon contain free packs of skill or whoopass? Because I need some, for SC2.

Edit: OMG, Rank 4 bronze ftw! :P

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Posted 04:25pm 09/2/11
Ahhhh excellent i can now start to plan my BIG US trip now, I was waiting for this announcement so i can start planing around it =D Theme Parks here i come =D

I was thinking it was going to be some time August but guess i was wrong
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