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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:32pm 03/02/11 | 17 Comments
Square-Enix (via Ubisoft Australia), have revealed they've packaged together both Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, The After Years, into a single package for the PSP (they're the only ones apparently still supporting it).
For the first time, the characters and storylines from FINAL FANTASY IV and its sequel THE AFTER YEARS™ are united in one beautifully crafted adventure. Featuring both classic games and an all-new scenario linking the two together, with enhanced visuals and a Gallery Mode with illustrations by renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano. FINAL FANTASY IV: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION delivers the definitive version of one of gaming’s greatest sagas.
We have a few screens showing off the classic visuals of the game, which should spark fond memories for any old-school console gamer, along with a trailer. Check them out below.

final fantasy ivpspscreenshotssquare-enix

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Posted 05:18pm 03/2/11
Looks like Square-Enix will stop at nothing until every FF game has been redone, resold and pushed down our throats. Yes we get it, you made some good NES/SNES rpgs. Wish someone would slap their hands away from the FF franchise for awhile and give some love to some of their better games, like Secret of Mana. How about re-releasing that whole series for the PSP or PSP2. Or at least give us Secret of Mana 2. Why that never got a release outside japan i'll never know. It shat all over Chrono Trigger big time and yet that's already seen a re-release.
Posted 05:36pm 03/2/11
They didn't keep the source code to their older games. When it came time for the Playstation re-releases of the Final Fantasy games, they rewrote the games from scratch to be platform-independent, so re-releases on newer platforms are trivial.

Also, they did release Secret of Mana on the iPhone:
Posted 05:39pm 03/2/11
Now I feel the need to play 7 and 10, I have pc 7 but I don't think they ported 10 to the pc did they?
Posted 05:54pm 03/2/11
Absolutely correct DM. Square absolutely loves milking the series.

EDIT: Also FF7 plays great on a PSP, the small screen makes the visuals easy on the eye.

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Posted 06:21pm 03/2/11
I know they have SoM1 for the iphone because I bought it. What it really needs is a nice HD version for us ipad users. Same for SoM2, it needs an official english release and then HD port to the ipad. Anyway why are they seemingly so against redoing some of the best games they have ever made? remember Legend of Dragoon? Chrono Cross (2nd best PS1 RPG ever made) anyone? That alone deserves a port due to how amazing it was. What about Xenogears? Theres tons of games they should be porting over to various consoles. Lets hope the PSP2 gets some of these. It'll secure my purchase thats for sure.

Sad as it is to say, Square seem to have melted down into a 1 franchise company. All they seem to care about is their stupid FF series and spin-offs which, judging from their last few games are going downhill rather quickly. Give FF a rest now please.
Posted 07:43pm 03/2/11
I think 10 was the one I had on ps2, hated that s*** so much. ff7 was one of the first games i played properly on computer along with abe exodus or whatever pentium 2 ftw, S*** was ca$h
Posted 07:49pm 03/2/11
Yeah I remember wagging school once or twice to smash ff7 with a mate lol
I liked 10 but wasn't a fan of 8 or 9
Posted 11:27pm 03/2/11
why would they choose to keep the old visuals for FFIV on psp, but do a 3d remake for the ds?
Posted 12:15am 04/2/11
why would they choose to keep the old visuals for FFIV on psp, but do a 3d remake for the ds?
It contains Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, so it uses the same art assets. The visuals aren't old either, this is what the original looked like:
Posted 01:50am 04/2/11
The visuals ARE old, they're just a bit better since the ps1 release :P
Posted 09:46am 04/2/11
^^ You mean SNES release.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:54am 04/2/11
F*** I used to love playing Secret of Mana back on the SNES. There was also another RPG on the Mega Drive called Landstalker which was all kinds of awesome too.
Posted 10:49am 04/2/11
Maybe this has something to do with why they are beating the dead horse known as Final Fantasy...

Square Enix is reporting profits for fiscal 2010 to date are down 76% to a mere $22 million, a change it blames on “more discerning consumers.”

Sales are also down 27.5% to $120 million, with a 58% decrease in operating profit.

There is also this.

With the last decade a succession of increasingly dire failures, and that decade also strangely coinciding with the tenure of Yoichi Wada as CEO, it seems increasingly clear only his departure is likely to restore the company to growth

I'm not 100% but I think this is the guy that said Towns and shops weren't needed and are a thing of the past. Either way doesn't look like square is doing very well.
Posted 02:11pm 04/2/11
they will get profits by re-releasing FFVII, not FFIV
Posted 02:22pm 04/2/11
they're azn ;)
Posted 04:34pm 04/2/11
The square-enix series of FF is great and the first mmorpg from them ffxi was not quite there. Yes alot of people played it, i think mostly cause it is apart of the FF series. With the release of FFxiv thats the downfall i really do think of the series. Its just a rehashed version of ffxi. Now that pissed me off to the point where i rang EB and asked for my money back. I wasnt paying $109 for a collectors edition which was bugg and failed to run most of the time. I probably think this happened with a lot of other customers who weren't satisfied with the game. It could have been great.
Posted 04:36pm 04/2/11
I think this is the 10th release of this game.
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