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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:36am 02/02/11 | 23 Comments
Activision have let loose the first round of DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops, dubbed "First Strike"; exclusive to Xbox Live for the foreseeable future and features five new maps: four multiplayer and one zombies.

"Our fans mean everything to us," said Mark Lamia, Studio Head, Treyarch, via press release. "So we are thrilled to be able to provide the Black Ops community with exciting new gameplay that will extend their multiplayer and Zombies experiences. The team has given it their all, as we crafted the maps in “First Strike” while taking into account our community to make sure that this content delivers compelling and unique experiences that will appeal to all different play styles.”

It's certainly a step up from the Infinity Ward DLC, which often rehashed CoD 4 maps for Modern Warfare 2 with a hefty price-point. "First Strike" is now available and will set you back 1200 MS points (roughly AU$19).

Check out a bunch of screens from the new maps here or click the images below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:56am 02/2/11
I played a little last night and so far the maps are pretty good. Shame about the price :S
Posted 10:07am 02/2/11
Here's the link to purchase it online (and if you're at work and your xbox was left on, it will happily start to download)
Space Ninja
Posted 10:20am 02/2/11
maps are awesome if you love to pitch a tent and camp it up.

Posted 10:45am 02/2/11
maps are awesome if you love to pitch a tent and camp it up.
First game of Berlin I got 23 kills 3 deaths, and two full killstreak lines, you're just s***.
Posted 01:39pm 02/2/11
You can camp any map ....

Also double XP this weekend :D
Posted 01:44pm 02/2/11
I'm a PC fan, Treyarch, where's my DLC?
Posted 02:03pm 02/2/11
yeah whats the deal?
Posted 02:39pm 02/2/11
Gave this a good go last night and I must say I rate this DLC. Yeah price could be better but then again it's xbox live and short term exclusivity isn't always free so it's always going to cost more. Besides, as mentioned earlier, it's a big improvement over IW's piece of s*** of an excuse of a DLC.

Anyway my favourites in order:

Discovery. Such an awesome map for sneaking over and under and around people. Full stealth mode for me here.

Next is Stadium. You gotta be quick cause s*** goes off! Full speed ahead with Lightweight, Slight of hand and Marathon.

Berlin Wall - It looks fairly sizey on the outset but there are these common paths that players take due danger zones equipped with auto turrets, so it's a good map for all sorts of combat, whether you're sniping, camping, run and gunning.

Kowloon- I love the gritty look and feel of this map, especially with the massive plane flying so close overhead at the start, but other than how it looks it's damn hard to play with all the lil twists, turns and multiple vantage points you can get fugged up by.

Haven't tried the Zombie map yet but i'll do so later today.
Space Ninja
Posted 03:29pm 02/2/11
I'd love to test out Khwlowooowoeowoooon - too bad my xbox crashes on load every time.

Stadium is like nuketown, but worse, and not fun, and full of campers

Berlin Wall isn't bad. Isn't great.

I still prefer the original maps - I guess these will grow on me a bit, but meh. $17 or $18 whatever it was is pretty rubbish for 4 multiplayer maps.
Posted 04:53pm 02/2/11
It's 5 maps if you count the zombie level.

So it's comes to around $4 each.

Also considering you can't exactly buy 1200 MS points, you're be forced to buy 1000 + 500 points, so in reality you're paying an extra 300 points if you're only interested in paying for those maps.

Damn M$.
Posted 05:16pm 02/2/11
Hahaha they upped their DLC price.
Posted 07:17pm 02/2/11
Posted 08:02pm 02/2/11
Posted 09:08pm 02/2/11
Posted 10:43pm 02/2/11
haha can you get off the zipline at any time.
Posted 05:18am 03/2/11
Nup you can't. They're not worth the risk.
Posted 08:31am 03/2/11
My favorite thing to do is to claymore people using RC cars, it doesn't go off untill they've stoped using the RC.
Posted 11:48am 03/2/11
Map pack comes out 1st of March because of Microsoft buying the exclusive release!

Posted 04:28pm 04/2/11
Double XP this weekend -_o
Posted 04:34pm 04/2/11
Yup :D

Also Stadium is fkn terrible. All the other maps are great.
Posted 04:54pm 04/2/11
Yup :D

Also Stadium is fkn terrible. All the other maps are great.
Nah it's good fun.

Double XP baby. Hoping to hit prestige 5 by the end of it.
Posted 05:08pm 04/2/11

I'm only 3rd prestige and I thought I played a lot :S
Posted 07:06pm 05/2/11
Just been playing a bit of the headquarters mode. You could earn a tonne of XP if you can capture the headquarter and defend it. If you get killed you won't be able to spawn until the other team destroys the headquarter but it doesn't matter because you still continue to earn 100xp (double of 50) every 5 seconds or so while your team has the headquarter captured.

With some kills here and there you could easily land over 10k in xp in each match. Yummy.
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