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Post by Dan @ 04:36pm 01/02/11 | 10 Comments
Danish developer Zeropoint Software are still hard at work on their self-proclaimed "Triple-A indie" title Interstellar Marines, continuing with their unorthodox method of releasing small proof-of-concept samplers of the game to generate interest and spur pre-orders.

The latest trailer offers some good insight into their ethos and process, offering a further taste of gameplay action, explaining what they want the strengths of the game to be and asking the community "Will you Believe?".

Check it out below or click here for the HD option.

No release date has still been set for Interstellar Marines, however the fifth free preview chapter is expected soon and will include multiplayer gameplay. More info is available over on the official site

interstellar marinestrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 04:48pm 01/2/11
I was expecting a FaceMan-esque thread. Disappointed.

Interesting though. I like that they are trying a different business model, it's refreshing.

Unfortunately the game doesn't really do it for me. He didn't sell it to me as any different to any other FPS (even though he said he was going to at the start). It looked pretty samey too from the visuals.

It was missing that one "f*****g awesome!" clincher, whether it be a story or some kind of battle item or move (e.g., 'active cover' in Breach), or whatever. I think for the model to work that's what was required in these movies begging for dev cash.
Posted 05:10pm 01/2/11
I thought this was for Natural Selection 2.0
Posted 05:17pm 01/2/11
guns look same as every other game :/

need something different
Posted 11:40pm 01/2/11
I like the look of the guns, it's nice to see that they didn't think that being a space game means that the weapons have to be phaser lasers or some s***.
Posted 12:45am 02/2/11
Pretty polished looking for an indie dev.
Posted 08:51am 02/2/11
Interstellar marines. Allways with the space marines.....!!!! Doesn't anyone have any original ideas anymore? What ever happened to the imagination that brought us great protagonists like Turok, Gordon Freeman, Isaac Clarke, the other indian from Prey etc etc.

I'm over space / interstellar / sub orbit / galaxy marines.
What about a group of recently unemployed factory workers
or a squad of rookie policemen
or a gang of death row psycho paths
or even s contingent of street tough strippers?
(the shark on legs looks pretty sweet though)
Posted 08:57am 02/2/11
lol Spargs needs to write to these guys. I for one would love to play a street tough stripper, lmao.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:30am 02/2/11
Yeah. A street smart stripper with a heart of gold. Would be an awesome game.
Posted 11:34am 02/2/11
Does look pretty polished. I dig their whole development philosophy too.
The GuVna
Posted 11:40am 02/2/11
I couldn't help being distracted seeing ED-209 from robocop walking around everywhere :P

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