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Post by Dan @ 03:25pm 01/02/11 | 13 Comments
It's a bird; it's a... yeah, it's yet another massively multiplayer online role playing game. Sony Online Entertainment launched DC Universe Online a couple of weeks ago, offering a fully-licensed DC Comics playground for the masses, starring all your favourite super-friends (unless you're a Marvel type, that is).

James has been putting the game through its paces and reports back today with the verdict. Read on for the complete low-down, from an Aussie perspective (that takes notice of the "Australia Tax" price hike).

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:10pm 01/2/11
Thanks for noting the fact that it's 5 bucks extra here.
When I saw that I went apes***, haha.
Nice review James, I agree.
Posted 06:51pm 01/2/11
I have being playing this got to level 30 rather fast. and found end game boring at the moment Ive not done raid so i cannot say this will dramatically improve the game.
Posted 06:57pm 01/2/11
+ 1 for noteing australian tax
Posted 07:26pm 01/2/11
yeah i heard 1 - 17 can take about an hour... wtf.
Posted 07:56pm 01/2/11
Yeah, pretty much exactly how I feel about it, the combat is fun and something different than you normally get served up in an MMO but the chat system is absolutely horrid, it doesn't even have simple things like being able to reply to the last person who messaged you, you have to type out then entire command to send a message to a person every time you want to send something. Chat window is tiny too, with no way to resize it. I was playing it with a mate and we just ended up chatting through Steam because the ingame system was completely unuseable.

Also, the dungeon finder type thing which puts you in a group for instances is retarded, I have ended up in groups composed entirely of dps with no healers or tanks. Its like it just mashes the first four people it finds together into a group, with no consideration of whether its going to be an actual capable group.

Its a shame, cos its pretty fun, and it awesomely captures the DCU (and I'm still playing it for pretty much those reasons), but whoever designed their UI and their chat system must have never played an MMO in their life.
Posted 10:40pm 01/2/11
Sounds like stuff that is broken can actually be fixed (UI, chat system etc) so maybe there is hope yet :)
Posted 11:45pm 01/2/11
Eldoran: Hopefully it does, especially for those poor souls who purchased subscriptions in advance to save money. The issue I have is that for the UI to be fixed, it would have to be completely re-designed for the PC version, and I can't see SOE making such a significant change this early, if at all.
Posted 11:50pm 01/2/11
I have no sympathy for people who pre-purchase MMO subscriptions at all.
Maybe a few years ago but with the copius amounts of pathetic MMO's littering the interwebs nowadays you must be pretty f***** confident to go out and set up your sub before the actual release.
Posted 12:10am 02/2/11
It's a bird; it's a... yeah, it's yet another massively multiplayer online role playing game.
Really? You went there? ;)

My son was going to grab this, but based on that I think I might warn him off it!
Posted 02:24am 02/2/11
Nah, it is actually pretty fun, well I find it really fun. I guess it also depends how invested in DC stuff you are, cos its chock full of fan service and its pretty true to the source material. I doubt I'll stick with it like I do WoW, but its fun enough, and doesn't require such a huge time investment that I will probably level up a hero and a villain to max level.

The UI and the chat are big black marks against it, but I'd still say don't let it stop you from getting it if you're a fan of the characters/universe/superheroes in general. IMO, even with the interface problems, its better than Champions Online or City of Heroes (but I'm prolly bias, cos I really like the universe).
Posted 07:38pm 10/2/11
I was considering this, but the Australia Tax has put me right off it.

Thanks James.
Posted 10:46pm 10/2/11
Hey James, how many bong hits did you nail before that photo? Could you also stop making alts to thank yourself with?
Posted 11:06pm 10/2/11
i love the idea of this game... sounds awesome..
unfortunately it looks kind of crap.. graphically. my opinion anyway ... hope it takes off! dont like the sound of end game being boring though!
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