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Post by trog @ 06:45pm 27/01/11 | 32 Comments
At a Sony PlayStation event in Japan, SCEE President has just announced some details about the successor to the PlayStation Portable - codenamed the Next Generation Portable (NGP).

There's no official PR yet, but the basics are: : dual analogs sticks, a 5-inch OLED screen capable of 960x544 resolution, GPS, 3 axis movement detection, and a front and rear camera.

Portable versions of Uncharted, Killzone and some other big name brands will be launch titles, but stay tuned for more information. More details are available in the live coverage on the PlayStation blog.

Update: the full press release is now available and includes a photo of the device.

playstation portableplaystation portable 2sony

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Posted 07:05pm 27/1/11
cool, so its a ps3 controller with cameras and a screen?

sounds like a winning combo actually
Posted 07:05pm 27/1/11
dual analogs stick


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Posted 07:08pm 27/1/11
what happened to that playstation phone they where bringing out :/
Posted 07:08pm 27/1/11
*confused* did i just read in the latest game informer that naughty dog weren't doing a psp2 port?
Posted 07:22pm 27/1/11
I'm sure trog & co will get the presser soon, but Kotaku just did and posted the specs of this little baby:

ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core)


External Dimensions
Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)

Screen (Touch screen)
5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED
Multi touch screen (capacitive type)

Rear touch pad
Multi touch pad (capacitive type)

Front camera, Rear camera

Built-in stereo speakers
Built-in microphone

Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass

Built-in GPS
Wi-Fi location service support

Keys / Switches
PS button
Power button
Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left)
Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)
Shoulder buttons (Right/Left)
Right stick, Left stick
START button, SELECT button
Volume buttons (+/-)

Wireless communications
Mobile network connectivity (3G)
IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1×1)(Wi-Fi) (Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode)
Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)

Very shiny. still hate that they kept the old D-pad design though. Sucks so much for any fighting games.
Posted 07:26pm 27/1/11
*confused* did i just read in the latest game informer that naughty dog weren't doing a psp2 port?

no, they just denied that they new anything about the psp2. sony probably told them to keep their mouths shut.
Posted 07:29pm 27/1/11
Reality broke my horizontal scroll. :(

Any info on the costs of the 3G connectivity? Hopefully they do something like Amazon did with the Kindle, giving free (though limited) 3G internet access on the device. It'd be a kick-arse multiplayer device in that case.
Posted 07:34pm 27/1/11
Borrowing more from Kotaku, this time a size comparison image:


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Posted 07:36pm 27/1/11
I really hope that's not going to be the final interface.
Posted 09:18pm 27/1/11
Apparantly this thing doesnt take UMD games? Well theres my cash gone. I have like 20 PSP games, a few of which are some of my most loved titles ever in gaming, so if I can't get them over then sony can go f*** themselves.
Posted 09:21pm 27/1/11
Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima showed a demonstration of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots running on the PSP2, looking almost as good as its console counterpart. “This game used the model data and environments from PS3, and it was exported directly to NGP,” Kojima said, adding “On NGP, we can enjoy the same quality as the PS3.”

Posted 09:22pm 27/1/11
Don't worry DM. It's using Flash Cards now. So that's worth the switch. Means we can get some crackers in to provide homebrew.
Posted 09:39pm 27/1/11
NGP adopts a new game medium, a small flash memory based card, dedicated for NGP software titles. Taking advantage of the flash memory feature, this innovative card can store the full software titles plus add-on game content or the game save data directly on to the card. By adopting flash memory based card, SCE will be able to provide game cards with higher capacity in the future, allowing developers to store more game data to deliver rich and immersive games.

So this thing will store your save game data on the same card the game comes on? Does it even have a separate storage space to keep music/movies?
Posted 09:42pm 27/1/11
Just need dvb support !?!?
Posted 09:56pm 27/1/11
I just want Prinny 3 and I'll be happy.
Posted 10:04pm 27/1/11
Battery life is being said around 4 - 5 hours. Better than the 3 - 5 hours of the 3DS but still utter s***e if you ask me.
Posted 10:23pm 27/1/11
5 hrs is plenty for a hand held imo
Posted 10:35pm 27/1/11
It's physically bigger than the old PSP...? :-/
I'm curious about how developers will implement the front and rear touch screen in future games.
Posted 11:01pm 27/1/11
Taken from /v/ so take with a grain of salt.

"According to the specs released the PSP2 sports the same processor as the Tegra2 and graphics chipset as the Ipad except customized.

Tablets that use these two chips have a average battery life of 6 to 10 hours and have a price between 250 to 499. However the PSP2 uses OLED which is cheaper than LCDs the tablet uses and uses less battery power.

Not to mention the smaller size of the screen and how tablets have touchscreens, wifi and cameras, we can see the PSP having a comparable price of 299 with a better battery life than current tablets. If Sony is selling at a loss, a 250 price is likely as well.

We could see the PSP2 having quite a good battery life and price. Along with the game developers working for it, I'm sure the PSP2 will see a amazing game library and be a great handheld."
Posted 11:02pm 27/1/11
This IS japan we are talking about here so I give it a few weeks before the first "stick your finger up my ass" sex game comes out for it.
Posted 11:30pm 27/1/11
i thought oled's were expensive to produce.
Posted 11:34pm 27/1/11
A 4-core ARM cortex A9. So it's basically an iPad with a smaller screen? :)

Seriously though, PSP might interest me if they bought out some decent games. But since the original release of PSP only one still interests me, and I stopped playing it lonnnnng ago: Lumines.
Posted 11:42pm 27/1/11
I'm glad they've kept the nice big wide screen. That's one thing I think the DS always lacked (eventhough it has two screens). I prefer sony's physical design.
Posted 12:21am 28/1/11
After AU tax I'm banking on a $600 portable. You know it makes sense.
Posted 12:36am 28/1/11
Nah. They'll sell it at a loss. If they seriously want to compete, they will realise they have to sell it low to get anywhere. Because, if it's $400-$600, I'll just go buy a PS3 and flash it with firmware.
Posted 12:40am 28/1/11
S*** hey, this thing looks slick with power to boot. Just needs to make calls now.
Posted 12:45am 28/1/11
but does it play cassettes?
Posted 06:38am 28/1/11
omg when i was just about to save money for a 3Ds, (cause i thought that'd be the awesomest porty console) this comes about. guess i'll have to review both thoroughly based on my games preference and get one.
Posted 10:12am 28/1/11
A 4-core ARM cortex A9. So it's basically an iPad with a smaller screen? :)

No, the iPad has a single-core Cortex A8.
Posted 02:36pm 29/1/11
If you are looking to get this, don't expect 3G to be free. You're going to have to pay a subscription fee to a mobile carrier to use it. Joy eh?
Posted 03:50pm 29/1/11
Have they said that the 3G is extra?
Posted 03:59pm 29/1/11
Yup. Here, which is a translation of this, and is a NSFW link. Guess this will be a "around the house" thing since you can still get on via WiFi.
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