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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:36pm 27/01/11 | 22 Comments
As promised, we've compiled the entire AusGamers editorial team's top picks for the year of 2010 in gaming. And since we have an expanded contributor roster, there's a pretty good array of differentiation throughout.

However, there is at least one mainstay throughout and that is Mass Effect 2, which is clearly an unchallenged leader for overall Game of the Year across the board. It won out yesterday in our Reader's Choice category, and clearly wins out today amongst the editors (with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 coming in second). Who knows, maybe it'll make a surprise entry in tomorrow's Game of the Decade category.

Click here for the Editor's Picks for Game of the Year 2010.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:44pm 27/1/11
Fallout NV got a lot of mentions, here I am going through Fallout 3 70 odd hours in and still ridiculous amounts of s*** to see.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:53pm 27/1/11
Have you played NV yet d^?
Posted 05:07pm 27/1/11
Would I be the only one to think Team Fortress 2 (which no-one seems to ever mention) is game of the year? Sure it's been out for three years now, but still, it's a game that's yet to be surpassed imo.
Posted 05:11pm 27/1/11
wow, Mass Effect 2 a unanimous favourite.

Is it a crime for me not having played any of them nor do i intend to?

I just don't have the patience for RPG's, and the fact that it's so sci-fi makes me put it in the 'meh' basket.

I do feel like i need to at least give it a go.

Oh and I haven't even touched RDR yet :/
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:21pm 27/1/11

tsk, tsk, tsk

Posted 05:21pm 27/1/11
its more third person shooter than a true rpg.
Posted 05:32pm 27/1/11
wow, Mass Effect 2 a unanimous favourite.

Unanimous means they all voted it No 1.

Majority means most voted it No 1.

Unaimous fail by MatchFixah....
Posted 05:34pm 27/1/11
Wow. Will have to get ME2 and Brotherhood.
Posted 05:52pm 27/1/11
Have you played NV yet d^?

Not yet Steve, I'm working my way through #3 first. I've heard good things about it.
Posted 05:57pm 27/1/11
Unanimous means they all voted it No 1.

Majority means most voted it No 1.

Unaimous fail by MatchFixah....
Yeah :S

i was meaning to say majority but thought unanimously sounded cooler without thinking about it.
Posted 06:09pm 27/1/11

good to see something that deserves to be at number 1 there =)
Posted 06:44pm 27/1/11
RDR is incredible MatchFixah once you've finished it you need to pick up Undead Nightmare.
I still haven't finished ME1 yet been meaning to pick it up and play it so i can see how good ME2 is.
Good to see Darksiders up in there that game was fantastic filled the hole that only Ocarina of time could.
Posted 08:27pm 27/1/11
tf2 stinks nowadays.... they took things too far!!

That first patch where they added the fast rocket, crits heals etc was awesome

now its over the top!
Posted 02:18am 28/1/11
While I'm not surprised, I'm still glad to see ME2 getting such critical acclaim.

I am somewhat surprised that no-one mentioned Super Meat Boy though?
Posted 05:57am 28/1/11
Man, i still clock hours and hours into BC2 since it came out. Really can't get over it until i reach the level 50 cap. And vietnam is just too straight forward for me. And is RDR still that awesome? I feel like giving it a go but just afraid there would be not enough players online.
Posted 07:55am 28/1/11
ME2 I would call an action/adventure game, it isn't really an RPG.
Posted 09:04am 28/1/11
Oh and I haven't even touched RDR yet :/

get that s*** into you

awesome game

and undead nightmare is heaps of fun, don't do undead nightmare until you've played through normal red dead first though
Posted 09:11am 28/1/11
glad to see Just Cause 2 get a mention, althought not the 'Best game of the year' imo its the one game i just keep coming back to. Am i the only one that doesn't understand all the hype with FO:NV, i mean its good and i've been playing it the last couple of weeks but it just seems like what FO3 should have been or a really good expansion.
Posted 02:21pm 29/1/11
Aaaah! Mass Effect 2 this, Mass Effect 2 that.
I played the first installment after succumbing to the hype, but found it boring and the quality of the graphics were pretty damn bad for max settings. So I stopped playing after about 20 minutes of killing s***, and then found myself at the end of a walkway thing with nowhere to go, kicked the bucket and never played it again.
I have been very critical of the Mass Effect games now, and it really pisses off my ME playing mates. I've been so critical as to say; "Mass Effect is probably the worst thing to happen to this planet, it's over rated console ported rubbish that is so bad that the entire development studio needs to be burnt to the ground and pissed on by yours truly. Oh and the graphics f*cking suck."
... or something along those lines.

BUT I have an announcement to make.
After finding out that i actually enjoy Fallout 3 and NV after getting bored by FO3 by the time I got out of the Vault, I think i'll just give Mass Effect 2 a chance. I've been selfish and horrid, and I think anything that doesn't have a "Kingdom Hearts", "Blizzard Entertainment" or "DICE" on the box is a bad game.

Posted 03:01pm 29/1/11
What was wrong with kingdom hearts?
Posted 06:06pm 29/1/11
Ryan, I was pretty similar to you. Not quite so harsh, but I found it really hard to get in to ME1, and didn't end up playing more than an hour or two the first time around.

I did try it again though, and I was glad that I did. After you sink a little time into it, the story starts picking up and I found the game really starts to shine. After finishing ME1, I was straight into ME2 and... that was it. My love of the series was cemented.

I don't think playing ME1 is necessary for ME2, but knowing the background on the characters and the universe does add a lot to the experience.
Posted 06:08pm 29/1/11
i played me2 first. loved it so much that i bought me 1 and played it through.

then sued my me1 character for a 2nd playthrough of me2. Which was awesome cause some of the decisions u make in me1 have consiquences in me2
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