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Post by Dan @ 04:12pm 27/01/11 | 16 Comments
Along with Bulletstorm, Xbox 360 owners can also now get the first taste of another hot upcoming EA title, Crytek's Crysis 2. Unfortunately as the subject suggests, this one is not available to PC and PlayStation 3 owners and there's no word as to if or when it will be. But don't get to jealous of Xbox 360 owners, because this demo is due to expire next week on February 4th (yeah we know, what the hell EA? -- on all counts).
The demo features the “Skyline” map, and two game modes; “Team Instant Action” and “Crash Site”. “Team Instant Action” is Crytek’s version of deathmatch. The mode pits two teams against each other as they kill as many opponents as possible to earn higher ranks. In “Crash Site”, you’ll battle for control of alien drop pods, earning points by guarding their pods and keeping enemies at bay.

Crysis 2 multiplayer is designed around team based gameplay between two factions – the C.E.L.L and the Marines and includes six gameplay modes and 12 maps set across recognisable locations in New York City. The Nanosuit is fully customizable and has dynamic gameplay styles: stealth & armor. Throughout the campaign you’ll experience the deep progression of the Nanosuit with up to 50 multiplayer ranks and a variety of different upgrades to your weapons and Nanosuit.
Accompanying this release, EA have also sent along a new multiplayer gameplay trailer, offering a basic tutorial for online play. Check it out below, or click here for the HD option.

Crysis 2 is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 24th 2010.

crysis 2demotrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:18pm 27/1/11
I think they would have peeved a lot less people off if they had have referred to this as a multiplayer beta/stress test or similar, rather than a "demo".
Posted 04:32pm 27/1/11
Typical how it comes out on a console first, again another kick in the nards to pc gamers as no doubt it'll be console-ified down...

Lets hope it turns out like the first 2 which were actually pretty good...
Posted 06:10pm 27/1/11
This is bulls***. I will not be buying this game before trying. Far Cry and Crysis = polished s***e.
Posted 09:20pm 27/1/11
Oh for f*** sake. Again with the console crap? And it's a friggin PC original title too!
Posted 09:46pm 27/1/11
I'm amazed the thing would even run on a console considering how demanding crysis 1 was. they must have mangled the graphics something horrid to make it work.
Posted 12:46am 28/1/11
Graphics are still good, but the play areas are restricted to small box levels (building tops) and street fighting which is limited in exploration... which is much easier for a console to run.
Posted 05:18am 28/1/11
So I gave the demo a bash for a good couple of hours and I must say it's pretty fun. Graphics are nice and crisp and I didn't notice any slow downs even during the heavy intensive fire fights.

You get to play 1 map (close quarters run and gun style with little camping), 2 game modes (second mode needs to be unlocked), weapons and class unlocks as well as leveling up to upgrade each of your abilities (strength, armour, stealth) to level 3 for each. Plus there's different challenges to do which earn you other rewards like dog tags etc.

Definitely worth the download (if you have a 360). I found it much more rewarding than the bulletstorm demo.

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Posted 11:07am 28/1/11
Crytek just announced that there is a PC demo
Posted 03:28pm 28/1/11
I tried this last night, omg how does anyone play an fps on a console? It's just so gumby, and I was right about the graphics being pretty "meh".
Posted 03:45pm 28/1/11

Sweet. Hopefully it looks the goods on Highest graphics settings... And doesn't play like s***e.
Posted 03:50pm 28/1/11
Takes a bit of getting used to but it reaslly isn't that bad. Of course keyboard and mouse is superior but it's still enjoyable.
Posted 06:56pm 28/1/11
I was able to play some lost world demo or whatever it was called. It was a 3rd person shooter I think, but crysis just felt wrong. No matter whether I had Y axis, inverted or non inverted it just didn't feel right. Maybe I swapped the look/walk sticks in the other game I played.
Posted 08:55pm 28/1/11
Look/walk should be set as you would with a mouse/keyboard.

Left thumbs stick is walk, right thumbs stick is look. The rest of the controls are pretty much COD style on a controller. I guess that doesn't help much if you're a PC player. I got the gift of the gab for both.
Posted 07:45pm 30/1/11
Gotta say this demo is pretty crappy. Looks nice and all but my ping has to be something horrible when playing it.

This has put me off from pre ordering Crysis 2. Might get it later down the track when its cheap.
Posted 08:04pm 30/1/11
My ping was fine?

On ADSL 1 too.
Posted 01:37pm 31/1/11
May have been because I got the demo pretty early. Before it was advertised on the spotlight channel even. So hopefully I was getting connected too American games because there weren't many Aussies playing at the time.

Because it worked for you Fixah I'll give it another try.
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