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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:51pm 27/01/11 | 8 Comments
EA have sent us a reminder that the Bulletstorm Demo for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Network went live yesterday, presumably while everyone was partying, hence the reminder.

Obviously it's a free download, and there's no word of a PC demo at all, but you can get a good glimpse at the crazy gameplay waiting for you in People Can Fly's FPS romp if you own either of the above systems. We have a few screens and a trailer for the demo you can check out below as well (click here to stream the trailer in HD). If you grab the demo, feel free to drop a line in the Comments section and tell us your thoughts.

bulletstormdemoplaystation networkxbox 360
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:10pm 27/1/11
What's with the alliteration in game titles lately. Brink, Breach, Bullstorm, Black Ops, Black Swan..

Downloading now.
Posted 01:25pm 27/1/11
And yet another screw you to the PC demo. I'm this exclusive console s***.
Posted 01:38pm 27/1/11
What's with the alliteration in game titles lately. Brink, Breach, Bullstorm, Black Ops, Black Swan..

The title Bulletstorm always reminds me of that Simpsons Christmas ep where Bart is after Bonestorm for Christmas and ends up with the golf game.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:10pm 27/1/11
Just had a play, pretty sweet, and doing well in the demo gives you retail release unlocks which is cool - I always liked games that made demos more than just a demo.

But yeah, sucks the PC demo doesn't exist...
Posted 05:06pm 27/1/11
Just gave this a bash (and beat Steve's score by a couple of 100 points on the 1st go :p)

Pretty fun. I like the whole idea behind having multiple ways you can kill an enemy which can earn you big points. Though it does seem to focus a lot on how you can earn said points. Not sure if that's a bad thing or not. Buying this game will depend a lot on the multiplayer for me. If it's no good it'll be a weekend rental.

Also it's nice how they let you unlock stuff in the demo to be used for the full version. It's also a good way to reel you in to drop in some cash for the retail version.

Downloading Crisis 2 multiplayer demo now and will see how that goes.
Posted 05:14pm 27/1/11
Good demo. I'm giving serious consideration to buying this one now, but if they keep relying on the leash so much it'll get boring quick. Whip the guy over, kick him in the face then blow off his head. Rinse, Repeat.
Posted 05:49pm 27/1/11
Yeah it seems like you could destroy with the leash. Just hold it down and watch everyone fly up in the air for your disposal.
Posted 06:18pm 27/1/11
it's free as in 'Gold Membership free'
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