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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:00pm 27/01/11 | 7 Comments
With all the current Bethesda hype surrounding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it's easy to forget the publisher also has other great games under its belt due for release this year, and among those is id Software's first new IP in some 10 plus years, RAGE.

Well they know that, and to distribute some of the media coverage weight, they've released two new screenshots of the game, which again just show off the power of the id Tech 5 engine as well as their internal artists. No hands-on or other videos have yet been released, so the jury is out on how this plays, but we can't deny it looks bloody good every time we see screenshots. Click the images below for more.

rageidscreenshotsid tech 5bethesda
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:22am 28/1/11
Borderlands 2
Posted 10:25am 28/1/11
To be fair, its only Borderlands 2 before they changed to cell shading

It's pretty underwhelming though. I'm not sure if I'm just not interested in the game because it basically looks like a single player RPGesque snoozefest, but the days of looking at screenshots of id games and going "oooooh" because of their stunning visuals seem to be over as everyone else has caught up and even surpassed id in terms of graphical excellence.
Posted 10:39am 28/1/11
Yeah, pretty 'meh'. Highly unoriginal design. Even the highways , the markets and the character animations look near identical to Borderlands in the above screenshots. There's no denying the similarities. Pretty weak. It wouldn't have taken a huge amount of thinking to come up with something slightly original to set it apart. Even the buggies are the same. Both of their universes have resulted in the same technology strangely enough. Maybe I'm missing something and if I am, why do they keep showing off the same tripe?
Posted 10:43am 28/1/11
small team cannot compete
Posted 10:45am 28/1/11
I remember when the original idea of rage came out back before the year 2000. Idea was awesome back then..now not so much (it originally came off the back of quake rally).
Posted 01:39pm 28/1/11
Well I thought it kind of recreated that amazing and unique 'dodging the computer screen' effect that doom original had on me. Those bloody spiders give me the pins and needles every time!

Commercially, doom3 was a massive, massive success as I recall -

But as a rose tinted jaded crusty old gamer I would be hard to impress anyhow. By the way there is an excellent vector graphics stellar 7 style tank game on iPhone, for $1!

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