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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:50pm 25/01/11 | 13 Comments
This is beginning to become somewhat normal, but again today we have another well-made fan flick for you, this time taking cues from the world of Fallout.

Fallout: Nuka Break, however, is not like yesterday's Half-Life homage, in that it actively injects a fair amount of humour that absolutely suits the setting, but very much like yesterday's hosted video, Fallout: Nuka Break is incredibly well-shot and edited, and features many, many assets from the Fallout games, including voices and music from the most recent two, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

It's a whopping 16-odd minutes long, but worth it if you're a Fallout fan.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:09pm 25/1/11
Awesome, was just sitting down to lunch and wondering what I could watch while I stuff my face with a hamburger.
Posted 01:14pm 25/1/11
I like that chick, I want to subscribe to her newsletter
Posted 01:21pm 25/1/11
Which one, they were both nice?
And I enjoyed this much more then the Half-Life fanfic. Most are always so serious, it's nice to see something light-hearted.
Posted 01:26pm 25/1/11
The production quality was awesome but the storyline sucked. I dunno, maybe they were aiming at the fat Mountain Dew drinking type of gamers?

Yeah the chick was cute. That was a good start. I would have liked to see some bottle cap exchanges to show how impractical they are as a currency or something like that.

The zooming in on the guy and selecting the target was really cool and the landscape + gfx additions were spot on. They nailed that.
Posted 01:51pm 25/1/11
I liked it.
Acting was much much better than most fan films too.

Oh yeah, cute girl.
Posted 02:18pm 25/1/11
That was pretty f*****g awesome. Should get Bethesda to fund them.
Posted 02:58pm 25/1/11
Scarlet was hot, but she was flaunting it, so I am left with mixed feelings.
Posted 03:05pm 25/1/11
what kind of name is tybee? awesome film though
Posted 03:17pm 25/1/11
Haha, that was pretty awesome.

PS: there's a bit after the credits.
Posted 03:56pm 25/1/11
This greatly pleased the Ivonin
Posted 09:34pm 25/1/11
That was actually fantastic! Never played the games, but my only critique is that Scar and "Fatty" seemed too clean. Otherwise 10/10 for a fan film!
Posted 08:17pm 26/1/11
seriously this is the best game adaptation i know to date. escape from city 17 would be my second and beyond black mesa third.
Posted 10:56pm 26/1/11
Bloody Wonderful!
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