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Post by Dan @ 03:19pm 24/01/11 | 17 Comments
Swedish indie studio Arrowhead Games and publisher Paradox have announced January 25th 2011 as the official launch date for online distro of their action RPG Magicka, with a retail-box version set to ship later in EU/US February 15th (we're unsure of Aussie distro prospects at present).
Magicka will transport players into a fantasy environment unlike anything ever experienced before. Save the world of Magicka from doom as a co-op effort in a team of four, or single-handedly using a fully dynamic spell system. Prepare to defeat the evil wizard as you wreak havoc and devastation on the minions of darkness in thirteen action packed levels.
Accompanying this news is a new developer interview video where producer Mattias Lilja walks through the basics with some new gameplay action on offer.

Watch the new video below, or click here for the HD option.

Check out the official site and Facebook page for more details.

Buy now from Green Man Gaming Only GBP£7.95!
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:16pm 24/1/11
fk yea

pumped for this little beauty, will help fill the void until d3
Posted 05:55pm 24/1/11
Looks fun. I recall their videos for why the game was delayed. Fun little series in itself. Might have to pick this one up if its cheap.
Posted 06:01pm 24/1/11
Looks awesome. Getting it on steam. But no price yet :S
The GuVna
Posted 06:04pm 24/1/11
Sweet, also liked the Ali G teaser :P

Posted 11:13pm 24/1/11
Have they put a price tag on this yet?
Posted 08:02am 25/1/11
I pre-ordered it for ten Euros, not sure if I will be able to transfer the key to Steam later.
Posted 09:39pm 25/1/11
$9.99 USD or 7.99 pound on steam.

Currently no price diff between US or AU!
Posted 10:05pm 25/1/11
F*** yes!!!!
Posted 12:11pm 26/1/11
Game is out gogogo!
Posted 03:09pm 26/1/11
Bloody fun game. I'm only on chapter 2 and keep dying because I f*** up my magic. I go to cast lightning when I'm wet and 1 shot myself, I click the wrong type of cast button (why are there like 3 or 4 types, should be 2 at most) and drop a 5 rank fire/rock boulder on my head, 1 shot.

Awesome thing i've found out though is play around with the shield spell and combine it for some epic results

water + shield = rain, which then lets you annihilate things with lightning
arcane + shield = explosive mines which can have frost/wet/fire added to them for effects
rock + shield = wall of rocks, which you can add arcane and ice too for added effects.

Awesome stuff this game.
Posted 10:39pm 26/1/11
There's a ridiculous amount of spell combining, I'm really enjoying it thus far. Recommended for $10.
Posted 11:07pm 26/1/11
How the s*** do you make Wind? I cant work it out. Theres a few spells that seem to need it but I can't work it out.

EDIT - Also up to chapter 3 now and it's getting really f*****g hard. Monsters showing up that are immune to fire/lightning which are your 2 hardest hitting spells so it forces you to combine other things.

last edited by DM at 23:07:20 26/Jan/11
Posted 11:28pm 26/1/11
might give the demo a try tomorrow
Posted 11:29pm 26/1/11
I lasted 5mins.
Not saying those that enjoyed it are "wrong". Just not at all what I expected, felt like I was back playing police/kings quest.
The GuVna
Posted 01:59pm 27/1/11
Anyone tried a Multiplayer game yet? Its like a game of Russian Roulette with six bullets of bugs at the moment, which sux as the game seems like it could be fun :(
Posted 02:42pm 27/1/11
tried the demo. not really my cup o tea.
Posted 08:42pm 27/1/11
This game has turned pretty hard, not knowing much of the combinations owns you.
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