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Post by Dan @ 03:55pm 19/01/11 | 27 Comments
Following yesterday's engine details and the low-quality scans scavenged from Game Informer print magazines, the first actual high res screenshot from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has made it's way online, offering the first decent look at the hugely anticipated game's environment visuals.

While the image doesn't seem to show any of the "shadows on everything" feature that Bethesda's Todd Howard was waffling on about yesterday, but it still looks to be another massive step up from their previous engine tech.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is due in November 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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Posted 03:58pm 19/1/11
It's not much but it sure looks enticing.
Posted 03:58pm 19/1/11
whilst it looks great in that shot, I reckon it's going to end up looking like a cartoon on xbox 360
Posted 04:00pm 19/1/11
Its looks similar to crysis, the rocks and some of the bushes. Heres hoping the PC version is optimized
Posted 04:08pm 19/1/11
looks lush. i look forward to shooting some arrows at it.
Posted 04:09pm 19/1/11
Here's hoping the PC version is a modders paradise.
Posted 04:15pm 19/1/11
theres some nice piccies in the mag
Posted 04:26pm 19/1/11
I don't think it's much of a difference from the older game.
Posted 04:37pm 19/1/11
wait.. november!@#! nG!
Posted 04:39pm 19/1/11
I don't think it's much of a difference from the older game.
You've gotta be wearing the rosey retro goggles. Here's some screenshots from Oblivion.

This one is probably the most comparable environment shot from that batch.

Remember, it was an Xbox 360 launch title. Things have progressed a bit since then.
Posted 04:51pm 19/1/11
Looks good enough. Uncharted 2 still looked heaps better.
Posted 05:19pm 19/1/11
Problem is though that with the memory limitations of the xbox and ps3 towns are still going to have to be in a separate area to the gameworld which means a seamless world is impossible.
Posted 05:29pm 19/1/11
It's perfectly possible if they're clever about their streaming.
Posted 05:30pm 19/1/11
Yeah but it's Bethesda.
Posted 07:04pm 19/1/11
Gimme a screenshot of character, or a short clip of an animation.
Posted 07:20pm 19/1/11
There were screenshots of the characters in the magazine scans that came out a week or two ago. They looked fine from what I remember, but it doesn't give any indication as to the animation quality.
Posted 08:59pm 19/1/11
Don't get me wrong, animations/character looks isn't what I look for in a game. It's just having bad quality textures/animations can really draw you out of a games story.
mac daddy
Posted 03:45pm 20/1/11
looks like the dwemmer area in morrowind
Posted 04:28pm 20/1/11
It does look very pretty... must.resist.hype...
Posted 08:13pm 20/1/11
It's ok but I'm far from blown away. Maybe it's the after taste of how s*** Fallout looks. Moar screens needed.
Posted 09:06pm 20/1/11
(masturbates profusely)
Posted 09:17pm 20/1/11
I made a list of things that if they fix will make this game awesome.

1. variation to the areas like morrowind
2. better conversation system
3. a voiced main character
4. better interface
5. better animations

I think that covers the main ones.. though i could probably think of alot more.
Posted 09:40pm 20/1/11
I don't mind my character being a mute, I never quite felt right being shepard in ME. Previously have written a rant about where I felt Oblivion fell short (the world was not logical in terms of industries etc, there was no political tension to set the scene, there was no progressive adventure in that you just clicked where you wanted to go, no variety or dirtiness to the world, and enemy level scaling really sucked the feeling of success or progression out of things).
Posted 11:43pm 20/1/11
the mute main characters aint a deal breaker. The best game ever made (KOTOR) had a mute main character, I just think that it helps with the immersion.
Posted 12:01am 21/1/11
Oh and the UI, that was probably the deal breaker for me, oddly enough. Just.. was that bad, somehow.
Posted 12:03am 21/1/11
Yep, Interface was f***ed up.
Posted 09:57am 21/1/11
Yeah, I couldn't give a s*** about playing a mute character. I don't even notice it, generally.
Posted 10:08am 21/1/11
3. a voiced main character
Kind of impossible because of the amount of different races. Be a bit much to do the voice acting for them all.

Unless they just abolished full voice acting.
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