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Post by MatchFixah @ 12:07pm 18/01/11 | 31 Comments
The first trailer for the first DLC for Black Ops has landed this morning. The details:
First Strike contains 5 incredibly diverse maps spanning the globe; featuring 4 multiplayer maps and a new Zombie experience. Includes "Berlin Wall", allowing combat on both sides of the imposing wall; "Discovery", a desolate, frozen German outpost in the Arctic; "Kowloon", battle in the rain along the rooftops of a towering Chinese sprawl; "Stadium", an intense locale with a pro hockey arena backdrop; and "Ascension", where you fight zombies in a Soviet launch facility.

Available first on Xbox 360 February 1st. More details to come for PS3 and PC.
You can watch below (HD version right here; or you can also download it):

Maps look great and even for 1200 MS points and I know I'm going to be sucked into buying this when it comes out. promoted/edited forum item

call of duty: black opsblack opsdlctrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:39pm 18/1/11
My first ever (and heavily edited) promoted item in the 10 years i've been on this forum.

Humanity is making leaps and bounds I tell ya.
Posted 12:46pm 18/1/11
I haven't really played enough of Black Ops (10hrs!? That means I played it less than MW2!) to justify buying this........ but I probably will :(
Posted 12:50pm 18/1/11
snow levels are s***
Posted 12:59pm 18/1/11
Hmmm, we shall see whether I get this or Vietnam for BFBC2


Discovery looks awesome. Destroying that chasm bridge is a must.

Also, ziplines. God damn.
Posted 01:26pm 18/1/11
i've played blops about three times since i bought it and thought it was pretty tryhard

can't see me picking up this pack anytime soon ~
Posted 01:37pm 18/1/11
At first I was all like "BL/OPS is pro it's way better" but stopped playing it at lvl41, tho MW2 was a broken game damn it had lots of lols and was actually fun, BL/OPS is just too serious for me. Stopped playing them both, if I wanted a CoD fix I would load up MW2 now, I really enjoyed the map packs for MW2.
Posted 01:51pm 18/1/11
All I want is a party system for PC with Black ops and i'll be happy :I
I want to play with friends damn it!
Posted 01:57pm 18/1/11
Yeap ziplines are going to add a new dynamic to the game.

Also I like snow levels because:

Galil + Silencer attachment + Yukon Camouflage
Ghost pro, Slight of Hand pro, Ninja Pro
Motion Senser

= the silent snow pwnage.
Posted 02:24pm 18/1/11
snow is boring, i like my colours :P
Posted 02:31pm 18/1/11
They should give this to PC users for free to apologise for how f***ed the game was on release... but they wont.

like 13 days ago now pcdev (twitter) said that they had started testing a PC patch and it still isn't out. The game hasn't run properly on my computer since release and im still waiting to be able to get my monies worth.
Posted 02:40pm 18/1/11
yeah qmass, another reason i haven't bothered reloading it - hoping that down the road maybe when i do decide to play it again it'll be a more worthy game of playing
Posted 03:37pm 18/1/11
snow levels are s***

Except the snow levels.
Posted 07:02pm 18/1/11
$20 bucks...not a lot of money but dont think ill contribue to this one unless i have to due to majority of people buying it and servers going that way.

maps looks decent all the same. i dont like how they kept talking about sniper opportunities... booooo
Posted 12:08am 19/1/11
I just cant play COD without destruction 2.0 ! I'm not taking a step backwards!!
Posted 07:18pm 21/1/11
Sorry guys but i'm not being sucked in to another rip-off, not to mention this time round the game actually isn't entertaining.
Funny, right? I clocked like 140+ hours in MW2 and haven't broke 50 in Black Ops. This is weird because I play them on PC, haha.
But it just doesn't make sense, multiplayer-wise this game is just so extensive, yet i can't play it. It bores me somehow!
Posted 05:53pm 24/1/11
I still haven't installed the first one yet =\
Posted 09:28pm 01/2/11

Thanks for the heads up. Logged on early morning but its wasn't out at the time.

Posted 09:29pm 01/2/11
It's only been there 5 minutes if that, been refreshing the the store between games.
Posted 09:38pm 01/2/11
array is an awesome level i love creeping around with my galil + supressor + camo outfit

waiting to get the 5 extra profiles so i can setup profiles for snow and normal, no point putting green camo on my gun if it's a snow map

i also love running around with an ak74u + full auto upgrade + sleight of hand + lightweight outfit + marathon rushing c**** straight up spewing bullets

matchy why do you bother with sleight of hand if you're creeping around in full stealth mode, could be used better elsewhere imo
Posted 10:03pm 01/2/11
I don't rate any other perk in that group. Plus slight of hand pro allows you to aim down the sight quicker which is handy for face to face encounters whether you're in stealth or not.
Posted 10:23pm 01/2/11
i <3 warlord

supressor + reflex sight for my stealth profile

Posted 12:35am 02/2/11
Oh yeah Warlord pro can be handy once you get it as it gives you extra nades but I still i find myself preferring to use the standard sights, especially with my most used guns like the AK74u, AK47, Galil, AUG. I don't think reflex/iron sights improve my aim personally so it feels like a waste equipping them. Plus for some guns you can't combine certain attachments like with a nade launcher.

At the end of the day the perks are fairly balanced and it all comes down to your playing style.
Posted 12:56am 02/2/11
At the end of the day the perks are fairly balanced and it all comes down to your playing style.

Posted 07:47am 02/2/11
you're a noob if you're using the nade launcher :p

man i love sprinting around a map like a mad man with an ak74u full auto mode just rushing straight at c**** jumping around spewing bullets

probably harder to do on console
Posted 08:28am 02/2/11
So far Berlin is the the only new map the stands out for me, the detail and feel of the level is quite well done. Stadium seems out of place compared to existing maps. Kowloon is a nice addition, the snow one is pretty much sniper heaven.
Posted 08:45am 02/2/11
AK47 with Reflex and dual mag.
That last pistol. (name?)
Semtex and concussion

Warlord pro
Ghost pro
Second chance pro

Posted 08:49am 02/2/11
I realy like having Hacker Pro in the third slot, see claymore, find out where campers are and take over Sam's and Sentry's
Posted 09:07am 02/2/11
Umm we clearly need to get an Ausgamers server up and running right? =D

Or is everyone playing on console here? (pls say no!)
Posted 09:30am 02/2/11
nah not conslol, defs pc

only way to do that would be to get ausgamers to acquire a server from internode afaik
Posted 10:16am 02/2/11
Or is everyone playing on console here? (pls say no!)
Console baby, for that casual no commitment feeling
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