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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:55am 12/01/11 | 4 Comments
Cryptic Studios have been beta testing the next Champions Online roll-out, dubbed Free For All and the clues are in the game's title.

Yep, from January 25th, the game will become a free-to-play subscription model with the usual micro-transactions on offer, but largely, you can experience the MMO without forking over any cash whatsoever. This is fast becoming the way to invite players away from WoW for a few hours to check out what you have on offer if you're an MMO developer, which isn't the greatest state of affairs, but offering up an MMO experience for free seems like a good compromise from a consumer level.

For more info, check out the official Champions site.

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Posted 12:03pm 12/1/11
Saw this one coming. Was a terrible game. Dev's didn't know how to balance the powers, and quests ran out at level 16.
Posted 12:11pm 12/1/11
I find it interesting how they change up the model for mmo's to compete with wow.
Posted 02:46pm 12/1/11
Will be interesting to see if, like LOTRO they can triple their revenue stream.

In a podcast, the developers of Lord of the Rings Online said that the switch over to a freemium play model has already tripled the revenue coming in from the MMO.

That’s quite a turnaround, though it does raise the question of what the game’s revenue picture looked like before the change. Still, LOTR Online’s studio, Turbine, claims a million new accounts have been created in the game since the switch to free-to-play, luring back 20 percent of its lapsed former player base and quadrupling its active player base.

That said does anyone actually play LOTRO?
Posted 04:24pm 12/1/11
Nope. Tried it for all of 1 hour. Was a terrible intro to the game. Chose dwarves and it was just ugh.
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