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Post by trog @ 01:26pm 11/01/11 | 35 Comments
For those not aware, the Australian state of Queensland is currently suffering from major floods. Our main office is based in Brisbane and everything is getting a bit crazy. There's a lot of stuff floating around online so I just wanted to throw together a list of helpful (working, for now) online resources for people to be aware of:
Update, Saturday 15th January @9:17am:The waters seem to have largely receded and things are calming down a bit. There's a lot of cleanup work to be done but it is absolutely amazing to keep hearing stories about too many volunteers and the things people are doing - the stories of random kindnesses by strangers are great to hear and it's a testament to the character of the citizens of Brisbane. Saturday Updates:Friday Updates:
  • @9:00am BCC fact sheets (mirror): advice for residents & business, evacuation centre news, how to volunteering
  • @9:00am BCC financial relief - extra 30 days for rate bills, $100 rebate on water bill, no parking restrictions in affected areas
  • @9:00am Updated bus services for Brisbane
  • @9:00am From BCC Facebook (inexplicably, no link): "Public Transport will be FREE across all Translink services for eight days, until the final service on Fri, Jan 21 to assist with flood recovery across south east queensland."
  • @9:00am Some bin pickups are happening. Be safe with your waste & remember it might not get picked up!
Thursday Updates:Wednesday Updates:Tuesday Updates:
Other things to be aware of:
  • Mobile phone networks in the Brisbane area are struggling under the load. You may have to make several calls to get through (and I personally wouldn't trust an SMS). Use landlines and the Internet where possible!
  • Roads, shopping centres and petrol stations are very busy as people rush about trying to stock up for the duration. Not saying this is a good or bad idea, but if you need to go anywhere, bear it in mind.
If you are in an affected area, best of luck - stay safe, but remember to stay calm and make sure you're acting on the best possible information. All the resources listed here are at least somewhat official, but you should always try to check and verify that they are up-to-date before making any decisions based on them. There's a lot of rumours and conjecture around. To help everyone else, please try to avoid spreading panicky rumours without verification - make sure if you're posting something on Facebook or Twitter or a forum or sending SMSs, you've confirmed they're real issues and (if possible) make sure you include an official source for your information so it is easy for people to verify.

Above all, DON'T PANIC!


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Posted 01:30pm 11/1/11
If you have any other links that should be included please PM me with them and I will get them added.

Please don't use this thread for discussion etc - only for officially sourced updates/warnings/notices.

For regular discussion please use this thread.
Posted 01:40pm 11/1/11
BCC Twitter blocked at LCC work :(
Posted 01:43pm 11/1/11
Scooter I would be calling your IT department and pointing that out ASAP.
Posted 01:47pm 11/1/11
Haha yeah, don't want to get flooded without some warning.
Posted 02:34pm 11/1/11
parabol also had this one which is a flood simulator estimating water rises on top of Google Maps - worth a look:,152.9924&z=3&m=10
Posted 02:31pm 11/1/11
Great idea Trog
Posted 02:38pm 11/1/11
Also I've mirrored a 1974 flood map: PDF link

Seems to match the BCC and flood-simulator charts to a good degree.
Not that the conditions are the same, but gives you some idea of areas to avoid.
Posted 02:40pm 11/1/11
Water across western freeway just before moggill rd exit
Posted 02:41pm 11/1/11
nice work

So else here is home from work? I work for Ipswich Council everyones pretty much well gone from there except SES etc..
Posted 02:50pm 11/1/11
Some people here are packing up and going home.

Logan has 'Localised Minor Flooding' so nothing major for us though. Though if this current system keeps going towards Beaudesert we might have more to worry about (likely.) Plenty of Logan roads cut off, just no major flooding/damage at the moment.
Posted 02:51pm 11/1/11
That link trog gave on firetree is not overly useful. It's talking about sealevel rises not river rises. And doesn't match any of the other maps very well. eg. parabols PDF link anything with a colour is a 10m rise. ie. water getting close to central station. Where firetree doesn't.

Not that 10m is overly likely

from BOM

The 1893 flood was a cracker. 8.35m, and 1843 was 8.43m!
(Corner of Edward and Mary street is aparently 6.5m)
Still amazing stuff.
Posted 03:22pm 11/1/11
This has been the best source of information for upto date information:
Posted 03:33pm 11/1/11
For those of us who are spectators to this disaster then please donate what you can at

A friend who works for a mining company is currently stuck in Mackay with no way to get home to Caboolture where her kids are. If that's not bad enough, her house has gone under already.
Posted 03:36pm 11/1/11
Ipswich Motorway (flooded) (thanks parabol)

I think we can scratch that one now. It was just a volume of rainwater going over mud from a construction site luckily. (Will delete this post when necessary)

last edited by parabol at 15:36:26 11/Jan/11
Posted 03:34pm 11/1/11

Road closures in Logan City Council area. PDF is the best we've got I'm afraid.
Posted 09:03pm 11/1/11
Guys please save commentary/discussion/questions for the other thread - trying to keep this one purely a bunch of useful links to avoid the confusion. I don't want to lock it so people can put in other useful things!
Posted 09:44pm 11/1/11
BOM river heights around Brisbane, Caboolture, Pine Rivers;
Posted 10:05pm 11/1/11
List of streets (not just suburbs) that are listed by BCC to flood.

This list is not being distributed by the BCC website because their site is buckling and as per their media things is being put out via major media services... I chose the ABC cos it's government and crap.
Posted 07:25am 12/1/11
Posted 07:36am 12/1/11
And lastly which has some information about dam levels and catchment releases
Posted 09:04am 12/1/11
Posted 12:54pm 12/1/11
Request for 4WDs to help in search and recovery:
Posted 01:44pm 12/1/11
Iphone app has been released on the Queensland Floods.

Link to follow.
Posted 01:47pm 12/1/11
Apparently Storage King are offering free storage to all brisbane people affected by the flood, and you can phone them on 1800 100 700.

Saw this on fb and twitter, but it's also been posted on b105 website, so I assume it's true.
Posted 02:06pm 12/1/11
Apparently Storage King are offering free storage to all brisbane people affected by the flood, and you can phone them on 1800 100 700.

Saw this on fb and twitter, but it's also been posted on b105 website, so I assume it's true.
They have their own website which has the facts:
Official Statement
In light of recent events, Storage King is extending
our January First Month’s Storage Free offer to those
affected by the floods in SE QLD & Nth NSW.

Call 1800 STORAGE (1800 786 724) for further information.
Subject to availability
Posted 04:27pm 12/1/11
ABC News 24: e-coli in Chinchilla water supply. Residents advised to boil water for 3 min.
Posted 05:55pm 12/1/11
raw sewage in brisbane flood waters... stfo of the water!! >.<
Agent 99
Posted 12:55pm 13/1/11
DO YOU HAVE A SPARE ROOM for someone affected by the floods? (links on the right side of the webpage)


If you live in SE QLD and would like to offer a couch or spare room to someone for a few days, create a listing;
1. Offer zero rent
2. In the "heading" field include the phrase "EMERGENCY ACCOMMODATION".

How to search for emergency accommodation.

As usual, the site is 100% free for all to use.


QLD Disaster Recovery Hotline:
1800 173 349

State Emergency Service (SES):
132 500

QLD Government flood website

Posted 01:38pm 13/1/11
Trog Maybe have a "How you can help" section of your OP (Or edit the second post for it?);

CREW Volunteering Qld for offers of assistance 1800 994 100
Posted 05:05pm 13/1/11
How you can help;

Spare Bed?

Want to get out and Help?
CREW Volunteering Qld for offers of assistance: 1800 994 100 or or 3002 7600
If you have Heavy / Earth Moving equipment you can spare: or call 3403 8888

GET OUT THERE! Offer a hand to an old friend, or a neighbour from your old suburb. Every little bit helps.
If you have money to spare, concider donating to flood relief as well.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you need help!?

Hotline for missing/relocated persons, Red Cross 1300 993 191
Financial assistance for flood affected individuals, Dept communities 1800 173 349
QLD Disaster Recovery Hotline: 1800 173 349
State Emergency Service (SES): 132 500
Health advice 13432584
Posted 07:54am 14/1/11
This looks like a useful guide for anyone who needs to do a full cleanup. Scale might be problematic though.
Posted 12:44pm 14/1/11

Announcement updated now to include Brisbane. Some weird Suburbs included in there so maybe best to call them up.
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