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Post by Dan @ 02:55pm 07/01/11 | 20 Comments
At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Razer have revealed a new concept device they have been working on -- an ultra-portable PC targeted at gamers on the go codenamed The Razer Switchblade.

Razer's device is powered by an Intel Atom processor, reportedly running Windows 7 and packs two 7 inch multi-touch displays (one of which functions as a dynamic and fully customisable keyboard with physical, tactical keys latticed on top of it).

As you can either attach a mouse or other USB peripherals to it, the idea seems to be to provide a versatile ultra-portable device that can play real PC games in a form factor much easier to cart around than a laptop.
“The main problem with mobile PC gaming so far is that no one has been able to port the full mouse and keyboard experience onto a small size portable solution,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director, Razer. “By combining adaptive on-the-fly controls and display, we managed to maintain the full tactile keyboard in a miniature computer while saving valuable screen estate.”
As it is still very much just a concept, no price or release date have obviously been announced, so we'll just have to wait and see whether it's a worthwhile goal.

Games that they are demoing it with appear to include World of Warcraft, Quake 3 and DoTA Allstars. Obviously, a device such as this wouldn't be able to run all the latest PC games, but it could be great for older titles and if it was to become popular enough, would no doubt attract some custom ports.

Head over to Razer's official site, Swing by Engadget's CES hands-on for a better idea. But if you really want to get the best idea, watch the official promotional trailer (and click the little HD button) here on AusGamers.


Latest Comments
Posted 02:58pm 07/1/11
Yeah, I pretty much want one.

Also, how good is the CEO's Derek Zoolander in that trailer.
Posted 03:11pm 07/1/11
Looks pretty cool. Be nice to check one out to see how well it works.
Posted 03:24pm 07/1/11
Neat to see how technology is advancing. I don't see this panning out though because of hardware and upgrade path.
Posted 03:24pm 07/1/11
All the WoW addicts will be all over this.
Posted 03:32pm 07/1/11
Awesome as that idea is, since it's razer it'll break 2 or 3 weeks after you buy it and it'll take forever to get a replacement for it. I've spent enough money on wow as it is. I don't need a $1000 mini lap top next to me to play the game too
Posted 04:01pm 07/1/11
Really not impressed, I don't see it having any grunt and I just got rid of my s*** razer product, not going back.
Posted 04:05pm 07/1/11
Make's me think of that Optimus keyboard that faded out of existance

last edited by scuzzy at 16:05:23 07/Jan/11
Posted 04:06pm 07/1/11
Why can't they just make something similar that will project the image onto a wall / any other flat surface so I don't have to squint with my bad eyes at some tiny screen.
Posted 04:34pm 07/1/11
Make's me think of that Optimus keyboard that faded out of existancelast edited by scuzzy at 16:05:23 07/Jan/11

Thats what I was thinking as soon as the keyboard changed style.
Posted 04:22am 08/1/11
Biggest gimmick of 2011.
Posted 05:04am 08/1/11
Didn't the optimus keyboard fade out of existence because it cost like $1000 or something stupidly expensive like that? As soon as I saw that optimus keyboard I wanted one, right up until the price was announced.

Kind of funny how they say they want to bring the mouse & keyboard of desktop PC's to a portable device, then tell you how it's got this awesome touch screen, then at the end just end up showing you something the size of an EEE laptop, with a normal mouse beside it. What's so different to me plugging my mouse into my normal laptop & playing quake? other than the keyboard of course.
Posted 07:27am 08/1/11
oooooh, sales spiel videos!

yer, surely it wont have the power to be really useful

id rather something small with some grunt and ill just plug a normal keyboard and mouse in
Posted 08:38am 08/1/11

how serious is the ceo. chillout mofo.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:49am 08/1/11
that Asian dude in the video is taking that thing way too seriously
Posted 08:51am 08/1/11
I still don't quite understand. So is it a self-contained Netbook, or is it an uber G-19 like keyboard that controls a regular PC it's hooked up to, or...?
Posted 10:22am 08/1/11
watch the video.
Posted 11:28am 08/1/11
Looks like a f***en sweet portable PC, did they mention price anywhere?
Posted 11:43am 08/1/11
Nothing special really.. min-optimus keyboard idea so yeah yawn.
Posted 11:58am 08/1/11
No ethernet port? 1 usb?
Posted 12:52pm 08/1/11
that Asian dude in the video is taking that thing way too seriously
I know right. He's got a massive pole stuck up his arse or something. He would do well as a guard in North Korea or something.
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