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Post by Dan @ 04:19pm 27/12/10 | 21 Comments
One of the last games to emerge in 2010, Telltale Games released the first installment of their episodic Back to the Future series last week, a cartoonish adventure game based on the cult-classic 1980s films. Now available for US$24.95 from the official site.

James puts the first episode to the test in today's review and the results are promising. Click here for complete low-down.

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Posted 04:40pm 27/12/10
great news. I should buy it to find out perhaps, but do they explain how the delorean survives after being smashed up in the third one? Maybe it's an earlier version of the delorean and i'm just not thinking 4th dimensionally :P
Posted 04:48pm 27/12/10
They explain it, although it's a bit of a weak excuse but it fits into the universe :)
Posted 05:00pm 27/12/10
Is this the game we signed up for a while ago to get it for free?
Posted 05:13pm 27/12/10
yer but those that signed up to get it for free wont receive the game until february, just before episode 2 is released.
Posted 08:07pm 27/12/10
"yer but those that signed up to get it for free wont receive the game until february, just before episode 2 is released."

I'm pissed off about this.
Posted 08:08pm 27/12/10
There's an old saying about a gift horse and it's mouth.
Posted 08:11pm 27/12/10
I'm confused, does buying the game now give you all episodes? or do you have to buy each episode for $25?
Posted 08:12pm 27/12/10
Buying the game gives you all the episodes.
Posted 02:18pm 28/12/10
i dont know if im the only guy in the world who never watched back to the future or not, but i think i am.
Posted 02:28pm 28/12/10
I'm pissed off about this.

Overblown sense of entitlement much? Get over yourself princess, considering you'll be getting it for free I don't think it gives you much to complain about - apart from waiting until February. If you don't want to wait, $us25 isn't much to pay for the entire thing.

Of course obvious troll may just be obvious too.
Posted 02:50pm 28/12/10
Someone remind me, do you get only ep1 for free or all eps if you signed up?
Posted 02:56pm 28/12/10
To clarify:

- If you signed up, you are only entitled to the first episode for free, and you will get it in February at the same time Episode 2 comes out.

- If you pay $25 now, you get the ENTIRE set of 5 episodes preordered, with the first playable right now.

I hope that clears it up for everyone.
Posted 05:44pm 28/12/10
wait wait wait...

so when are the pancakes coming in the mail??
Posted 05:54pm 28/12/10
If we buy it off steam will we get access to all the episodes?
Posted 06:20pm 28/12/10
Posted 06:28pm 28/12/10
Was alright, but the soup kitchen gah, had to google it, i got stuck because basically i didn't stand in the back corner for bout a minute for no reason and wait for a cut-scene.
Posted 12:51pm 09/1/11
I'm interested in this review, in that Luke Plunkett from Kotaku slammed this game for being boring and worse, 'It was never, not once, funny'. It's something that James hasn't mentioned in his review, so it is something I am wondering about. Can a game still have 'Great story, great writing' as James suggests, yet be boring as Luke suggests?

It could just be a person-to-person sort of thing - Luke also mentions that he hasn't really enjoyed any of the previous Telltale games.
Posted 01:31pm 09/1/11
Posted 08:01pm 09/1/11
i dunno about his game.. looks kind of disappointing. If it doesnt can anywhere near as the monkey island series, then i cant play it..
Posted 01:31pm 01/2/11
iJebus: Being a BTTF tragic, I really enjoyed the fan service and the humour. Looking across the review spectrum, the game was largely well recieved and many people enjoyed the story and gameplay, although a few shared my complaints of how easy and short it was.

Whether it's boring, really, is subjective - Adventure games tend to have a slower tempo, and if you're not a fan of them, it's unlikely you will enjoy the pace either. To be fair, I have a lot of time for Luke, but we don't agree on a lot of things.
Posted 03:21pm 01/2/11
i dont know if im the only guy in the world who never watched back to the future or not, but i think i am.

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