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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:02pm 14/12/10 | 12 Comments
Following the debut of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, NaughtyDog apparently went one better than the other games that also took the VGA stage, by appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Conan O'Brian's former post), with an actual full gameplay demo of the forthcoming PS3 exclusive. has now officially released the full clip (so we've replaced the short YouTube one), and while what we see here actually isn't all that different to what we essentially saw in the previous two games, that is crazy scripted sequences of the environment falling out from underneath Drake's feet, it's still utterly tantalising.

Watch an embedded video below as posted by the Associated Press.

naughtydogps3uncharted 3 drake's deceptionvideo

Latest Comments
Posted 03:09pm 14/12/10
Ooh ...Piece of candy.
Posted 07:25pm 14/12/10
Looking Great, but i cannot stand that guy
Posted 07:55pm 14/12/10
people still watch that guy? he's so unfunny its embarrassing.
Posted 08:10pm 14/12/10
Craig Ferguson or bust for late night.
Posted 08:21pm 14/12/10
Jimmy Fallon is about as funny as jamming a pipe cleaner down your urethra
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:33pm 14/12/10
I'll take Stewart of Colbert any time. Conan is good when he's left to his own devices though. Also agree re: Ferguson, that guy is rad. Kimmel can have funny moments too
Posted 08:45pm 14/12/10
Stewart is rather hit or miss for me. I rarely laugh. Colbert is epic and love his show. Conan has s***** sketches but perhaps the best interviews as i've laughed more with them than anyone else. He needs to take his desk for another drive though. Never seen Ferguson's show.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:50pm 14/12/10
I reckon Stewarts interviews are the best, but I like them best when they're fairly serious so I guess that's why...
Posted 08:54pm 14/12/10
Looking awesome. I'm so pumped for this, too bad it's a year away.
Posted 10:08pm 14/12/10
watched this clip... zzzz ..... same s*** as always.
Posted 10:19pm 14/12/10
watched this clip... zzzz ..... same s*** as always.

didn't realise they play uncharted 2 every night!
Posted 05:24pm 17/12/10
NaughtyDog is the only developer that can honestly bring us a truly "Next-Gen" game.

There is no other gaming experience like Uncharted.

I'm sure Jimmy rarely gets to play games as shown he's not very familiar with the controls.. still gameplay footage is absolutely amazing.
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