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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:49am 14/12/10 | 7 Comments
Obsidian Entertainment have patched their buggy, yet awesome Fallout: New Vegas on PC (no word on a console patch just yet), which will apply automatically through Steam.

Patch 1.02 addresses a number of key problems, which we've listed in their entirety for you right here, but as a heads up, here're a few stand-outs:
  • Pip-Boy Interface
  • Perks
  • Skills
  • Chems/Addiction
  • Hardcore Mode
And those are only a few of the key gameplay fixes, there're more along with a heady list of updates for a lot of the game's major quests. Just in time for the December 21 release of New Vegas' first DLC, Dead Money.

fallout: new vegaspatchpcobsidianupdatesdlc
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:30pm 14/12/10
just what i was waiting to hear, and now to head to the shops to buy it :D
Posted 05:12pm 16/12/10
"Just in time for the December 21 release of New Vegas' first DLC, Dead Money"

Which isn't for PC.
Posted 09:45pm 16/12/10
Been getting into this one - just cleared out those norty legion fellas near nipton..

very addictive !
Posted 10:01pm 16/12/10
I got up to those bloody religious ghouls then got bored :(.
Posted 12:41am 17/12/10
i am having a pause but will get back into it soon. its a very big game.
Posted 12:57am 17/12/10
these are some terrible patch notes...
"hardcore mode" isn't a fix... what did they do to it?
"perks"... "skills"... these patch notes tell you nothing.
Posted 02:11am 17/12/10
Yeah the patch notes are fail. My only guess is they were so extensive that it was an ass to list it all.
Haven't played since the patch yet so have nfi.
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