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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:46am 13/12/10 | 21 Comments
Over the weekend, the SpikeTV Video Game Awards took place, and also played host to a few new reveals, new game trailers for heavy-hitters we know we'll be seeing next year and a few major surprises.

While we source the official trailers from publishers to locally host here on AusGamers, we thought we'd share the info dropped at the show, for anyone who wasn't at their computer over the weekend (so just hit the following links for the YouTube videos), beginning with arguably the biggest reveal - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Not much info here, but the trailer is definitely tantalising and should have Elder Scrolls fans happy to know it's November, 2011 bound.

That cheeky BioWare teaser turned out to be a stylish reveal for Mass Effect 3 where it looks like Earth is going to play a major role - again, this is another 2011 release.

Naughty Dog showed off some seriously incredible footage of Nathan Drake's next adventure, which sees him desert-bound and typically against all odds once again; these guys can seriously do no wrong with this franchise - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Batman also made a stylish appearance at the awards in a trailer that should even have Christopher Nolan standing up and taking notice of a truly better-directed Dark Knight. This trailer also revealed a new villain for Batman: Arkham City in Hugo Strange.

Not to be left out of the hype-mobile that is the SpikeTV VGAs, Insomniac showed of some actual gameplay footage for Resistance 3, which I must say is looking mighty nice.

One of the big surprises that made it out of the event was that Kratos, fresh from smashing his way through the Soul Calibur roster, would be invading NetherRealm's forthcoming Mortal Kombat reboot as a playable character.

More videos were shown, including Forza 4, Prototype 2, Thor, Insane (Guillermo Del Toro) and SSX: Deadly Descents (reveal), and as mentioned earlier in this post , we'll hopefully get all of them up and accompanied by game pages as soon as the Aussie publishers hook us up with the official goods, so stay tuned for more details and media as we chase it all up for you.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:47am 13/12/10
Posted 10:55am 13/12/10
i wish it were november 2011 already
Posted 11:05am 13/12/10
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:10am 13/12/10
I'm genuinely surprised Bethesda are clearly so far into development - especially if they've been working off a new engine. Also, that Batman s*** was off the hook!
Posted 11:20am 13/12/10
No shiny AGN HD videos? You guys get screwed somewhere?! :(
Posted 11:22am 13/12/10
Hah, so many games using november as a launch date just so they can have a cool looking date full of 1's
Posted 11:37am 13/12/10
Remembrance day... 1 minute silence... Kill elves.
Posted 11:36am 13/12/10
No shiny AGN HD videos? You guys get screwed somewhere?! :(
Nobody else has them yet, there's not even official press releases from the pubs about all these new games/reveals. It's a combination of two things:
-- It's still Sunday in the U.S. and most game PR types don't work weekends
-- Spike and Gametrailers are both MTV subsidiaries and so GT is the only place with exclusivity on all the trailers released during the event.

It's quite retarded really. But I guess publishers that want the announcement exposure of the VGAs think it's worth snubbing every other online publication for.
Posted 11:50am 13/12/10
squirt @ the me3 trailer

f*** i want this game already
Posted 11:53am 13/12/10
Uncharted 3 will be "The Game" to have for 2011.. and will be GOTY.

Trailer alone is Epic.
Posted 11:57am 13/12/10
i didnt enjoy uncharted 1, the buttons and gameplay felt all gumby and wierd. Felt like a wierd tombraider game.

the story looked enjoyable tho
Posted 02:18pm 13/12/10
From everything I've read Skyrim is just using the Gamebyro engine again.
Posted 02:22pm 13/12/10
Don't worry sc00bs, i felt the same way about the first uncharted and never finished it but there's a huge leap between the first and second.

Also i think the new elder scrolls is on a new engine, as mentioned in their twitter post
Posted 02:23pm 13/12/10
From everything I've read Skyrim is just using the Gamebyro engine again.


There was some debate over what engine the new Elder Scrolls game would be using, and all signs seemed to point to GameBryo. However, writing on Twitter earlier today, Bethesda Softworks community manager Nick Breckon said: “We can now confirm that the TES V: Skyrim engine is all-new. And it looks fantastic.” I asked him what “new” means in this case, and whether it was simply a new version of the Gamebryo engine that powered Oblivion and the recent Fallout games. He responded: “It’s a new graphics/gameplay engine built internally. We’ll have more details down the road.” Interesting!

Posted 02:26pm 13/12/10
Oh that is f*****g awesome news! I was excited for this game when I thought it was gonna be gamebyro but I think I may have just ejaculated before the blood even reached me penis.
Posted 02:50pm 13/12/10
i just hope es5 has more than 2 voice actors.
Posted 03:02pm 13/12/10
That ^^
Posted 10:58pm 13/12/10

and i hope they have an animation for running diagonally forward aswell haha
Posted 11:09pm 13/12/10
nice can't wait for elder scrolls and me3
Posted 06:08am 14/12/10
and i hope they have an animation for running diagonally forward aswell haha

Oh yes, I wondered if I was the only person who noticed how dodgy that was.

Adding on to my previous list, would be good if the character was more acrobatic in their jumping, sort of like the jedi knight games, instead of just raising their feet and hovering..
Posted 11:42am 14/12/10
Yeah the TES animations have always been a little... lackluster.
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