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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:13pm 10/12/10 | 7 Comments
While we all sit and wait for the results of today's SCAG meeting, why not take the time to enter one of the most epic competitions we've ever run on AusGamers, with a massive haul of prizes thanks to the fine folks over at Blizzard.

We have some serious give aways, including official WoW gaming peripherals, plush toys, in-game pets, magazines, T-Shirts, figurines and more! And all of this will be divvied up between five lucky people with one grand-prize winner, one second-place winner and three runner's up prizes, all to celebrate the launch of World of WarCraft: Cataclysm.

Click here for all the juicy info, and to enter.

NOTE: The original Thrall Figure has been replaced with a Goblin Tinker figure for allocation reasons.

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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:23pm 10/12/10
That's an awesome comp. I'd enter it if I didn't already have most of that stuff.
Posted 12:48pm 10/12/10
Enter and if you win give it too me :P
Posted 01:31pm 10/12/10
Wow. Entering now, looks wicked.
Posted 01:37pm 10/12/10
Gasp, a baby murloc plushie? I'm sold.

Also I'd give a Thrall figure a good home. :)
Posted 12:39pm 22/12/10
any winners yet?, my mouse broke :(** lol =]
Posted 12:40pm 22/12/10
running late on the winners but will be done today
Posted 04:23pm 24/12/10
running late on the winners but will be done today


Thanks guys, needed a new keyboard, current one is more beer than keyboard. Other loot will come in handy too :P
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