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Post by trog @ 10:22am 10/12/10 | 14 Comments
We've rolled out a big site update this week, and while there's not a lot of changes on the surface, there's one big thing that we think is worth noting - we now support high definition videos (720p) in our video player.

We probably won't bother converting our old videos to allow an HD viewing mode, but for pretty much any new video going forward from today, if we can make a nice-looking HD version, you'll be able to stream it directly to your browser. Obviously, it will consume more bandwidth.

We're still working on the interface and a few other bits and pieces (like the ability to automatically load HD as a default), but for now if you see a little 'HD' button in the bottom right corner of the player, you can click it and it will load the HD version of the trailer.

Here are some samples:
There's been a few other minor changes - improved support for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter (if you see a 'Like' button, feel free to hit it - it really helps us out), some minor performance improvements (more coming soon), improved site searching (via the new 'Search' module at the top right), related videos now show at the end of a video play, and a swag of bug fixes.

We are also about to launch a new credit-card based auction system that will allow advertisers to bid directly on key ad space in our download section. From as little as $10/day you can have your product or service put in front of thousands of gamers, so if you or your company is interested, contact us for more information.

As always, interested in any and all feedback that people have.

ausgamerssite update

Latest Comments
Posted 10:26am 10/12/10
The HD quality is much clearer!

Although the 'HD' icon in the player was hard to spot, I initially didn't notice it and thought I clicked on a SD only video until I looked again.
Posted 10:44am 10/12/10
cool now we can like threads so all of pinky's threads can be on facebook for the all the world to see.. just need to fix the RSS feeds and ya good to go!
Posted 11:03am 10/12/10
there's nothing wrong with the RSS feeds - I can tell because noone has said anything about any problems with them (also I use them on a daily basis)!
Posted 11:18am 10/12/10
I liked this new feature post.

No charge.
Posted 11:51am 10/12/10
Sorry should have been more clear... i meant RSS feed for every Thread on this forum ;)
Posted 11:53am 10/12/10
Sorry should have been more clear... i meant RSS feed for every Thread on this forum ;)
um. We already have one of those. I created it specifically for you after you asked about it. I sent you the link - .
Posted 12:03pm 10/12/10
If there were like buttons on slawed I'd click them
Posted 12:35pm 10/12/10
haha hey Hog , good match the other day :)
Posted 02:00pm 10/12/10
Hah thanks nats, tho I should realy fix the links to open in new window starting to annoy me.
Posted 02:13pm 10/12/10
Awesome, good move guys. I was hoping Ausgamers would get HD :)
Posted 02:49pm 10/12/10
haha hey Hog , good match the other day :)

Shut up

I hope that was the one where we lost an ally. We had a s*** run all night long >< I blame dealsy, unless defiant was there.

We're actually considering moving our regular 4s team to the US server, its really hard to get a good 4s game now, match maker seems to be struggling badly with the limited pool of games.
Posted 02:53pm 10/12/10
are you serious .... i do 4's none stop and we get instant games...

haha and yeah you did lose a teamate at the start :)
Posted 03:46pm 11/12/10
Hey i noticed that when fullscreened, the video suggestions at the end seem out of place. Might just be an easy fix to dump them in the centre or expand them for the full screen i dunno.

Posted 04:06pm 11/12/10
are you serious .... i do 4's none stop and we get instant games... haha and yeah you did lose a teamate at the start :)

The match maker doesn't give us good games for 4s though!

Lately we either get top-diamond players (with one low tier player who gets carried) or very low bronze. Considering our team is gold-plat players, this isn't a lot of fun -- we're either a-moving to victory or hopelessly outclassed.
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