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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:10pm 07/12/10 | 31 Comments
You guys have been talking about it here, but we decided to employ the not-so-crack-addicted WoW skills of an AusGamers original user, Crash, who has been sucked back in to the world of err, World of WarCraft ahead of Cataclysm, playing through The Shattering, which is a title update for the game that sets the world up for the cataclysmic event that is the arrival of Deathwing.

Crash's write-up is for players who may have dropped off the WoW radar in the past, and are wondering just what has changed, and if it's worth firing up your account again for Cataclysm, or as a primer for newcomers interested in entering the newly scarred Azeroth for the first time. I know I'm sold after reading this.

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Posted 05:24pm 07/12/10
I gave in too man I hope it lives up to the hype. I just hate what they did to the talent trees, I feel like there isn't any way of being unique anymore in your chosen class.
Reverend Evil
Posted 05:28pm 07/12/10
I was annoyed with the talent trees as well but after playing I totally forgot about it and played like normal.
Posted 05:39pm 07/12/10
There never was a way of being unique though, thats the point Blizzard made when they updated the talent trees. Sure there was heaps more talents, but there was so many talents you had to take or be gimped, and so many that were just as obviously not worth taking, that everyone ended up with the same build anyway. It just the illusion of having a choice, cos realistically, there was no choice.

All they've done now is trim the fat out of the talent trees, and give you the boring passive talents which you had to take as passive bonuses for choosing that spec. Now theres a lot more talents that actually feel meaningful, and theres less chance of you being able to end up with a gimped spec. Personally I love it, a lot of the new talents are really awesome :)
Posted 05:43pm 07/12/10
I gave in too man I hope it lives up to the hype. I just hate what they did to the talent trees, I feel like there isn't any way of being unique anymore in your chosen class.

there never was, that was just an illusion created with a bunch of useless talents.
Posted 01:32pm 08/12/10
I gave in too man I hope it lives up to the hype. I just hate what they did to the talent trees, I feel like there isn't any way of being unique anymore in your chosen class.
I don't mind the direction they have taken with the tree, it gives me a straight indication of where i should be putting my points if i want to build up a specific area, where as before it was all mashed together.

To give you an idea, I've dropped about 60 hours into WoW in about 2 weeks since starting my account again. It's crazy fun, but i haven't had much time for any other games.

I tried to jump in last night but the queues were ridiculous to get into my oceanic server, took about 2 hours to move 1000 places in the queue.

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Posted 11:58pm 08/12/10
What's changed, I quit for good finally.
Posted 08:44am 09/12/10
Lots of flooding, new zones, nearly every old zone has been completely redone so that there's new quests (with easy flow & post-lichking story), horde has goblins and alliance has werewolves, and um new level 80 to 85 stuff. Also with story changes, orgrimmer has been completely changed, the new place is several times bigger and multilayered in the canyons for flying.

edit: Plus lots of jokes about old content years later, which has proven amusing for returning players
Posted 01:01pm 12/12/10
Is it worth coming back ??? i got a lvl 80 priest.. i got over healing ... it just turned into a box clicking game
Posted 02:07pm 13/12/10
Blizzard usually send out those free trails when they make changes to get players back in, i remember getting a heap of them when i killed my account. You should check to see if you have any and use that to give it a quick go.
Posted 06:14pm 13/12/10
From the new thing you can just add a free trial whenever you want, just creates a second account that is limited to 10 days and other things.
Posted 06:35pm 14/12/10
F*** me. I tried to get it out of my system by leveling a quick alt before cata was released. Just remembered I had an oracles egg in my bag for 2 years and decided to log in on my main, thinking "hah, if this turns out to be the mount, I'm totally getting cata and resubscribing to fly around Orgrimmar"

... I now have a green dragon mount.
Posted 06:51pm 14/12/10
wtf? a few weeks back when i got 10 free game days i checked my main that had an oracle egg when i quit and it was gone?

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Posted 06:56pm 14/12/10
I specifically bought one before I quit because I predicted just this might happen :P, I think I am clairvoyant.
Posted 07:44pm 14/12/10
My thoughts coming back after some time off after being a 4 day a week raider since release. If you were sick of it before, you're probably still going to be sick of it. They can move the talents around, they can change the stats, they can focus more on cc again, add some new professions, change the landscape and to me, it still feels more or less the same.

They've made the game better and better, I still try and keep up with what they're doing, and I like most of the changes they make, but each time I try to get back into it there's no getting around the fact it feels like it's been played to death and run it's course :(. I wish I could get back into it but I can't. I'll finish leveling to 85 and cancel my sub again.

Bring on D3 so I can get interested in a game again.
Posted 07:57pm 14/12/10
nerf i didn't really care as i've already got a twilight drake which is just as cool :P
Posted 08:01pm 14/12/10
Posted 10:53pm 14/12/10
I havn't played in quite some time and I'm only just enjoying the ability to get a dungeon group so easy! Kind of enjoying playing my worgen atm and seeing the changes of the landscape. It's only been a week though so we'll see if I'll last longer than 3 months as I generally stop playing after about 3 months tops.
Posted 01:13am 15/12/10
Posted 04:40am 15/12/10
Yeah I only stick around to explore and level up, did a bit of endgame in vanilla and am even less inclined to do it for "badges" - the fear of still grinding AB or WSG 6 years later is pretty strong too.

New grouping system definitely rocks, I quit largely because after vanilla it seemed to become a lot harder to get groups.
Posted 08:41am 15/12/10
So you're less inclined to do endgame stuff now that theres more reward for it?

You're a strange one nerf.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:19am 15/12/10
Trying to get mining and enchanting up is f*****g ridiculous. You lvl so quick you outgrow the zones too fast you don't get much of a chance to collect mats. I've got my enchanting at 365 I think and all drops/rewards from Uldum and Twilight Highlands cant be disenchanted because I'm not high enough. And I DE'd everything from Vashjir and Hyjal that I got and I still didn't have enough mats to take me higher. And atm, mats in the AH are f*****g expensive. About 15g for one dust.

Is it just me or is anyone else running into these problems as well?
Posted 09:52am 15/12/10
Who the f*** levels trades kills before they reach endgame?

I used to know this chick who used to run around killing mobs her level so she could get to a herb to try and gain a skill up in herbalism.

Trying to convince her that she should just get to level cap and come back, where the mobs dont agro and she can literally walk straight to the herb and pick it without even having to get into combat was futile. Sigh.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:05am 15/12/10
So you wouldn't collect mats along the way if they're available to you? Sounds like you're doing it wrong. And there's issues with mining even if you decide to hit 85 and go back. Some areas are phased and even if you can see the node on the map you can't physically mine it.
Posted 10:06am 15/12/10
Just stockpile your de mats until 85 rev, much less pain :P
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:19am 15/12/10
Yeah, i've been doing that. I've got a heap of weps and armor sitting in my bank that I need to be 475 to DE. Maybe I'm just unlucky but I've found the mobs drop f*** all useful items. I look at my cookbook and the first thing I need at 450 is blackened flesh I think. So far after getting up to Twilight Highlands I think I have two pieces of flesh that I got along the way. Something's not right there.

Go look at the professions forum on the WoW site and it's not just me who's finding stuff like this.
Posted 10:33am 15/12/10
Whys your enchanting only at 365 anyway, should have levelled it to the max during Wrath and you wouldn't be having a problem :P

As for mining, I had no problem hitting the max, I found a metric f***tonne of elementium nodes in Deepholm that almost single handedly levelled me to max. It seems to be much more heavily farmed now though, so that might be why you're having trouble :(

As for cooking, easiest thing I found was do a couple of dailies and buy the recipes that use blood shrimp. I ended up with like 4 stacks of that stuff after doing Vash'jr and have been able to get to like 510 cooking just from that.
Posted 10:34am 15/12/10
Oh and doing the fishing and cooking dailies actually gives you skillups in fishing and cooking as a reward, which I thought was a nice bonus.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:50am 15/12/10
Whoops. Meant to be 465, not 365.

Maybe I'm just being unlucky with nodes. Also, I didn't realize those dailies in Org gave a recipe for those shrimp things. I collected an assload of them and was surprised to see I couldn't use them. I guess that was why.
Posted 11:13am 15/12/10
So you're less inclined to do endgame stuff now that theres more reward for it? You're a strange one nerf.

I just don't find badges interesting from an rpg'ish sense, though it's not so much that as I don't intend to stick around with WoW, and since I've made that decision building up my character for another temporary level cap is really not that motivating.

Achievements are a pretty cool progression system though, so will probably re-join when I have the time to get some of them. Again though, same problem, as I don't intend to stick with WoW, and for some reason that sucks all the joy out of mmo progression for me (maybe because it's such a particularly huge effort, which is good, if you plan to stick around, and want an unlimited game).
Posted 11:30am 15/12/10
your problem is that you seem to think you can't get anywhere without letting wow suck your life away.
Your doing it wrong.
Posted 11:56am 15/12/10
Nah I'm busy and intend to give the old republic a whirl. :P
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