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Post by Dan @ 05:12pm 06/12/10 | 12 Comments
DICE have revealed that the upcoming Vietnam DLC for Battlefield Bad Company 2 will actually ship with five maps, rather than the previously promised four. The catch however, is that the new map won't be unlocked until players have completed 69 million in-game achievements.

The Battlefield Blog explains that the map is Operation Hastings, which players of the original Battlefield: Vietnam should recognise as a remake from the 2004 title.
If you didn’t play it back then, it’s one of the favorites among our fans, featuring everything awesome in one fantastic arena: boats, helicopters, tanks, jeeps, temples, and the signature bridge dividing the map into two strategic areas.
Don't fret too much about that dauntingly high achievement number however though, as it's a group effort spread right across all platforms (unlike BF 1943's 43 million kills goal which was platform specific).
You and all your friends playing on PS3, PC, or Xbox 360 need to perform 69 million team actions across Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. So what’s a team action? Well, it’s any and all of these: resupply, revive, heal, spot, and repair. We start counting on December 21st, so make sure you contribute from the start!
The Operation Hastings map is previewed in a new trailer today and certainly makes the game look pretty damn fun. Watch it right here on AusGamers.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam is due on PC (via both EA Store and Steam) on December 18 2010 (19th here in Aus), with Xbox 360 and PS3 offerings due to follow on December 21 and 22 respectively.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:41pm 06/12/10
ahaha 69! Get it? LOL
Posted 07:33am 07/12/10
The picture in the article just makes me think of "Booty Sweat".

Perhaps I'm racist.
Posted 08:49am 07/12/10
So by the time someone unlocks this, everyone has lost interest in the game and is playing Black Ops again. Well done.
Posted 12:20pm 07/12/10
No, it means it will be unlocked within a week.
Posted 12:39pm 07/12/10
That actually looks really cool - flashbacks to (Battlefield Viet)'nam which is the last BF game I really enjoyed playing.
Posted 11:19am 10/12/10
Can't wait for this hey!! Keen as FARK
Posted 11:53am 10/12/10
I went and bought this through EADM for $20 but it doesn't show up in my games list.. Anyone in the same boat?
Posted 12:00pm 10/12/10
It says on their site that it won't appear as a game, on the day they will email you a code to enter somewhere
Posted 12:08pm 10/12/10
Ah ok i thought as much, cheers.
Posted 01:33pm 10/12/10
sweet buying it on steam for $15
Posted 07:03pm 10/12/10
Don't fret too much about that dauntingly high achievement number however though, as it's a group effort spread right across all platforms (unlike BF 1943's 43 million kills goal which was platform specific).

So, its 69mil from everyone who plays, not any given individual!?
If so, then that should only take a day or so. I have 1.5mil points in BC2 at the moment alone.
Posted 09:12pm 10/12/10
it's ~30 mil per platform

I'll be more interested to know if we got there thanks to the good gameplay of XBox360/PS3 or PC players.

I've only heard some small snippets about console crews.. apparently they heal and ammo more. Hell I'd be throwing down packs every chance I had if I couldn't effectly scan 360 degrees around myself inside a second.
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