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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:09pm 06/12/10 | 11 Comments
Continuing his nostalgic ways; remembering the sweet, sweet sensation he felt as parachute pants adorned his legs, and he continued to add more and more shaved lines to his head, our very own Kosta Andreadis has taken Donkey Kong Country Returns for the proverbial vine swing to see if it captures the same magic as Rare's side-scrolling SNES classic.

As a fellow Nintendophile from back in the day, K-Man was the obvious choice for this new outing from Retro Studios (Metroid Prime series), and while it was Rare who put the DKC games on the map (and it them), Retro's take is seemingly a fresh and enjoyable romp Wii owners and fans of the original ought to check out.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:14pm 06/12/10
My partner picked this up for herself and i must say it's great, good to see Nintendo doing what it does best again!
Posted 08:43pm 06/12/10
Definitely looking forward to playing this, $60 from JB is a decent price. I reckon it'll eat up most of my christmas break. Love the Billy Mitchell reference in the game as well.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 08:59pm 06/12/10
I got it a few days ago, only up to the second world but really enjoying it so far. They have done some pretty clever things as far as the level design is concerned. I agree with Steve though, where's the funny quirky humour!
Posted 10:15pm 06/12/10
Waiting for my copy to arrive from Ozgameshop. Tis gonna bring back memories and create new ones i can tell just by looking!
Posted 12:56am 07/12/10
The original DKC was possibly the worst game ever created, why bring it back.
Posted 01:24am 07/12/10
You're off your guts.
Posted 08:40am 07/12/10
What and where is this humour you speak of in the original?
Posted 11:19am 07/12/10
Yeah that's what got me thinking Damo. It was cheeky and what not overall but i can't recall specific humorous aspects..
Posted 11:21am 07/12/10
Hey Matchfixah, is the Wii still working? I had a feeling it was dying when i had it.
Posted 11:50am 07/12/10
It's still working (i think) but it hasn't had much play time due to the lack of rechargeable batteries (that and COD: BO on the 360 taking over everything)
Posted 02:10pm 07/12/10
u boys should hit me up to get your wii fixed

u know ill look after you :)
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