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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:56pm 03/12/10 | 3 Comments
As promised, AusGamers has reviewed Camelot and Nintendo's latest Nintendo DS offering, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the third entrant into the popular Golden Sun JRPG series appearing for the first time on the DS.

The new platform has afforded the competent Camelot Software Planning to give the series a visual makeover for the better (though I'd still have rathered it on 3DS in March next year), and if it's a meaty adventure game you're after for all your handheld gaming, Golden Sun packs a serious longevity punch. It's JRPG gaming at its best, and while there's not a lot new here, it's still incredibly solid.

Click here for our in-depth review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:45pm 05/12/10
Good review.

I agree with most things, however something I dislike about this game that wasn't mentioned is the inability to 'backtrack'. Basically, there are certain Djinn that are missable. Namely, the first Mercury Djinn 'Mousse'. Or something.

I hate having an obviously imperfect gamesave!
Posted 06:13pm 05/12/10
Isn't that true of nearly all of these style of rpg though, if you want a "perfect" save you have to play with a gamefaq beside you, and if you have that you wouldn't miss that Djinn anyway.
Posted 09:05pm 05/12/10
I suppose so. I just don't like how the Djinn are pretty major, and I missed one. I wouldn't really care if I missed some weapon or armor or something.
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