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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:16pm 02/12/10 | 16 Comments
It's been out on Wii for a while (and actually somewhat feels more at home there, in my opinion), but EA released a full-fledged update for the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 recently, which we gave Kosta to play, since he still has three lines shaved into the side of his head, and is happy to be paid in Larry Bird Topps Basketball cards.

While originally intended as a bonus digital release to accompany NBA Elite, that game's cancelling clearly pushed EA to revamp the NBA Jam to a fully retail offering, though that in and of itself being an afterthought has clearly left this emptier than it could have been.

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Posted 08:17pm 02/12/10
Probably should have been dlc. But at least with a disc you can take it to your friends place for some 2 on 2 easily rather than removing the hardrive.

Now I just have to wait for my copy to get here. Hopefully the weather in Europe hasn't slowed delivery down.
Posted 08:48pm 02/12/10
i play the wii version, and the orginal arcade version on mame.
i cant wait to play this on xbox360 as its a fast moving graphic game.
will be interesting to see if its the same as the wii version commentary wise.
which, in my opinion is inferior to the unrelenting quality of the the original.
Posted 09:02pm 02/12/10
5523 MS points is about what the digital download would cost at $69 it's listed for on JBhifi

pretty sure anyone buying it would want a disc for that price
Posted 10:07pm 02/12/10
A 7.0?


I'll be getting it anyway for the 2 on 2 multiplayer as i usually have at least 3-4 people wanting to play a game simultaneously.
Posted 07:34am 04/12/10
Hows the netcode? There is online right?
Posted 09:41am 04/12/10
been playing this, this morning, lols its not much of an improvment over the snes version

good fun though

i wish i was still living in a share house with 4 buddies
Posted 03:27pm 04/12/10
i usually have at least 3-4 people wanting to play a game simultaneously.
So does your mum.
Posted 03:29pm 04/12/10
$60 from jb, what a rim-jaw

this should be a 20$ online download. fuuuuuck that
Posted 05:13pm 04/12/10
$42 ozgameshop.

Still, ima wait on it. Got DK Country returns to play as well as countless hours of COD BO.
Posted 05:15pm 04/12/10
yer i saw that the other day, still twice as much as its worth.

Everyone ive talked to you has it and most reviews say its not different enough from the snes version to justify the 40-70$ price tag
Posted 01:08am 06/12/10
Not sure if it was who I was matched with but trying to play online was pretty painful when I tried it. The controls were very delayed and it took forever to find anyone to play against (mind you it came out on the same day as Grand Turismo so that was possibly why no-one else was playing)
Posted 02:30pm 06/12/10
lols, this game is still stuck in the 90s.

special players ive unlocked:
domnique wilkins
patrick ewing
john starks
spud webb
Posted 03:36pm 06/12/10
you playin on wii spookster?
Posted 03:41pm 06/12/10
LOL, Spud Webb. Imagine him and Muggsy Bogues on Big-Head mode, kinda redundant :)
Posted 04:54pm 06/12/10
yar, all over it on the wii, works good with the wiimotes
Posted 06:35pm 08/12/10
got my copy today. brings back some good memories. paid $40. i'd say i'll be busting it out alot when the lads come around before heading out.
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