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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:36am 02/12/10 | 7 Comments
2K Games and Firaxis have released a handful of new maps as downloadable content for Civilization V, all pooled from the same group they're calling the "Cradle of Civilization".

You can grab the Mediterranean, Asia, the Americas or Mesopotamia - each for US$2.99, or all as one pack for US$9.99 from Steam. As far as I can tell, there's no price difference for Australia barring our current conversion rate (in that, there's no 'specific' Aussie hiked price-point). Click here for more info from Steam, and the thumbnails below for a better look at the new maps.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:55am 02/12/10
Single maps for three dollars? Pass...
Posted 11:57am 02/12/10
Unfortunately the AI in this game, especially the on the military side, totally killed this game for me. It is a shame because it could have been great.
Posted 12:27pm 02/12/10
Yeah I've been thinking I may never start it up again, which is a bit disappointing. Every time I've considered it I remember how little variety I find in it, and how all the AI civs are just stupid a******* centred around really boring earth leaders, instead of getting a feel for dynamically building a human history.
Posted 02:08pm 02/12/10
The AI is s***, but theres a patch coming soon that's supposed to help. Also, there's lots of mods that really enhance the game.

As for these map packs, I think there's two or 3 maps in each.
Posted 03:27pm 02/12/10
rofl, $3 for a civ map? Even if Civ V was good I wouldn't pay for a map.
Posted 02:39am 03/12/10
Waited to long for Civ V and it sucked d***
Posted 11:45am 03/12/10
Paying for map downloads. Eat a f*****g d***! They've finally killed the franchise off for me.
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