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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:01am 30/11/10 | 7 Comments
CD Projekt have always maintained they make mature games for adults, with The Witcher Enhanced Edition even sporting scenes of the sexual kind, and it's looking like they'll be taking the hotly anticipated sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, in the same adult-oriented direction.

We have a handful of new screens for you to peruse today, two of which include a semi-obscured naked lady and naked Geralt. Click the images below, or right here for a direct link to our screenshot gallery.

We also have the full 20+ minute English language section of the recent press conference where CD Projekt unveiled collector's edition and pre-order details for the game as well as distribution - for anyone keen to check it out, click here.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is due to hit PC May, 2011.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:05am 30/11/10
Hit me Baby!
cant wait.
Posted 11:12am 30/11/10
The witcher was so underrated. I only recently played it and im usually one to keep up with the best of RPGs.
Everyone needs to play that game!

Can't wait for this.
Posted 11:16am 30/11/10
Yes I found it quite engrossing, but it took a while to get use to and get into.

I found it quite shaky at first, but if you make it to at least the swamp, then things start looking up.
Posted 11:21am 30/11/10
Wow, looks amazing. Will definitely give this a shot. Have to check out The Witcher.
Posted 11:42am 30/11/10
So are we going to have to circumvent stuff to get the full adult version of this?
Posted 12:57pm 30/11/10
I'm going to laugh and cry when this is banned over here because of ratings.

Now to find a place that sells the first Witcher.
Posted 01:05pm 30/11/10
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