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Post by Dan @ 03:48pm 29/11/10 | 4 Comments
Seemingly finally realising they've had the franchise name and game title back-to-front all this time, SEGA and Creative Assembly have revealed that their upcoming feudal Japan strategy game will now be called Total War: Shogun 2. Speaking to Eurogamer a SEGA spokeperson explained the obvious decision.
"Both Creative Assembly and SEGA have intended to invert the Total War naming convention for some time," a SEGA spokesperson told Euroagmer.

"The Total War series of games spans over 10 years of titles. We wanted to identify all of these as one series using a more obvious naming convention for players.

"Revealing the new title with the Shogun 2 box art was the opportune time to do so,"
A full shot of the new boxart can be found here.

Total War: Shogun 2 is due March 2011 on PC. For more details check out AusGamers recent in-depth preview.

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Posted 05:09pm 29/11/10
Hah it's one of those little things that often made me itch, glad they changed it.
Posted 10:06am 30/11/10
Wait, didnt they have it right the first time ? All the previous games in the series were titled xxxxx:Total War (not Total War:xxxxx)
Posted 02:38pm 30/11/10
While xxx:Total War sounds cooler, it's annoying as all hell to keep an alphabetical list of games installed and have all the total wars so distributed. :P
Posted 02:54pm 30/11/10
It's also not as immediately obvious to people who might not be as familiar with the series that they are part of the same franchise by the same development studios.
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