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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:49pm 26/11/10 | 11 Comments
Warren Spector's foray into the world of Disney is upon us this week, with the release of Disney Epic Mickey on Wii.

While it's definitely a fun and enjoyable romp, it isn't as innovative as initially touted, and lacks a lot of polish in certain areas (the camera being the main issue). Disneyphiles will get a lot from it, or people who like Mickey Mouse, but it's far from any sort of benchmark on the Wii, or in gaming in general. But enough revealing here, check out out in-depth review for the full skinny.

Click here to read the AusGamers verdict.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:52pm 01/12/10
I am disappointed, I was considering buying this game (Will be the first game since Mario Galaxy 2, Wii got boring fast)... But I tend to go for games that are actually going to entertain the crap out of me. So if Mr Farrelly can't find much entertainment from it, I don't think i will either.
Posted 11:08pm 01/12/10
Warren Spector is the new Peter Moleynex then?
Posted 07:32pm 09/12/10
Epic Mickey Epic Fail.
Posted 08:14pm 09/12/10
I don't see how a game called Epic Mickey could possibly be bad.
Posted 08:20pm 09/12/10
Well there was a fair bit of hype surrounding this game - new game mechanics, adult themes yada yada.

6.9 might be too generous, well compared to this guy's review of it anyway:

Posted 08:53am 10/12/10
haha, that was an awesome review

i love how hes really pissed off at the end of it
Posted 09:00am 10/12/10
the ads/ videos i haveseen look horrible
Posted 09:06am 10/12/10
takes ages to get into the game.
so much lame storyline.
i prefer de blob anyday.
Posted 10:07am 14/12/10
So in all other words, Kingdom Hearts is still the best disney game series to date.
Posted 05:07pm 19/12/10
i still play bit.trip runner sometimes :) and bit trip beat is hardddddd
Posted 09:05pm 19/12/10
"most disappointing game of the year... epic mickey, suck my d***"
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